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what do i do?

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misdee Fri 29-Dec-06 18:11:46

i got something for peter for xmas. paid for it vuia paypal, but payment was unclaimed so was cancelled. i contacted the seller, she said she set it up wrong, so tried again. still unclaimed so again cancelled. i haven tried emailing her about the item, but am getting no answer.

so what do i do?

flack Fri 29-Dec-06 18:23:47

Can you pay by another method? Can't she take a check? I had this once with a seller. Paypal is annoying, and so-called Paypal protection for buyers is rubbish in practise unless it's a high value item.

foxtrot Fri 29-Dec-06 18:24:49

have you received the item?

misdee Fri 29-Dec-06 19:37:15

not recieved the item. i would pay by cheque if she would just contact me about it. not a huge about (about £8) but am annoyed as i did initially pay for it at the beginning of december for an xmas present.

foxtrot Fri 29-Dec-06 19:42:30

Very annoying, but at least you are not out of pocket. I would leave the ball in her court TBH. If she's that disorganised there's a chance you could pay for it and it not arrive anyway. What is her feedback like?

misdee Fri 29-Dec-06 19:43:38

feedback is at 0, is a new ebayer.

foxtrot Fri 29-Dec-06 20:03:39

Hmm, do you really want the item? If not i would just walk away, and not leave feedback.

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