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Return request - can i refuse?

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Greengardenpixie Mon 15-Feb-16 20:47:47

Someone has requested a return for a pair of shoes that i sold. They were brand new and never worn. I believe the person has bought them and then worn them and then decided to return them. What can i do? Will i have to accept a return?

Greengardenpixie Mon 15-Feb-16 20:48:38

The buyer sent photos but they were not sent like that. Trouble is, i don't have photos as they were brand new in box so a stock photo was used.

19lottie82 Mon 15-Feb-16 21:25:54

What is their reason for wanting to return them? Do they say they don't like them / don't fit, or that there is something wrong with them?

If the first, yes, you can refuse, if the second, no, you can't.

Greengardenpixie Mon 15-Feb-16 21:34:45

They say that the sole is marked. They were brand new. I believe they have worn them and then decided they werent comfortable and are now wanting to return them.

19lottie82 Mon 15-Feb-16 21:49:01

Sounds likely, but if you refuse the request, eBay Will enforce it anyway and you have a much higher chance of getting negative feedback, plus you will receive a defect under Ebays new system.

Refund upon return and block the buyer.

robin64 Wed 17-Feb-16 17:40:51

Don't use a stock photo to sell your item or at least include your own pics plus a stock photo as another extra pic. If you cannot prove via your listing that the soles were not marked then unfortunately you will have to accept return. If they say your shoes were not as described and open a case then you will also have to pay postage for the return. Block this buyer and only refund when you receive shoes back. You could try refusing the return but will probably end up with a negative. How long has the buyer had your shoes for?

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