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Overseas buyer slipped through the net what can I do?

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aniceearlynight Thu 04-Feb-16 20:54:05

I've just discovered that earlier today, I sold a jacket for £99.99 BIN, but the buyer has neither paid nor emailed me.

I thought I had elected for instant payment and also to sell in the UK only but as I sometimes start a listing on the computer and finish it on my phone I do sometimes slip up. However, I always state in my listing description that i do not post overseas.

Anyway, thought I'd investigate so have had a look at the listing and it says:
Postage: £8.55 Standard Delivery
Item location: London, United Kingdom
Posts to: United Kingdom

On the ebay app on my phone it says:
Postage Royal Mail Tracked 24
Posts to: Will Not Ship (buyer must pick up)

I am rather confused by this and not quite sure what to do next. I presume that the silent buyer is waiting for me to send a revised price for postage. But have just had a look on the Royal Mail price finder and it will be £15.01 tracked & signed. And I don't want to post to Europe - have only ever had two items not arrive and both were in Europe! Also the fact the buyer has not bothered to get in touch to request a revised postage cost gives me a sneaking suspicion that they are flakey.

Any suggestions or advice gratefully received!

19lottie82 Thu 04-Feb-16 22:22:32

Just submit a cancellation request. There is an option you can select along the lines of "buyer from a country I do not ship to".

aniceearlynight Thu 04-Feb-16 22:40:11

Thanks Lottie. Can the buyer leave negative feedback if I cancel it?
I have emailed her and she says she is happy to pay postage but I am still slightly wary about posting to overseas buyers after previous bad experiences even if tracked. If the item doesn't arrive and I have proof that it's been sent via a tracked and signed for method, will ebay require me to refund the buyer and claim back from Royal Mail?

19lottie82 Fri 05-Feb-16 13:54:59

Yes. I think they can leave negative FB, you might want to check this though.

Unless the item is shown as "delivered" then a buyer will be able to open a INR case and recieve a refund.

However I really think you've had bad luck, I've never had a tracked method go missing in Europe.

Why not quote the buyer postage which includes adequate insurance, then if it does go missing, you'll be covered for the full amount at least?

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