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Buyer opened case with PayPal for 'not as described'

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mehbridezilla Sun 24-Jan-16 09:25:39

I'm a fairly seasoned ebayer and I've dealt with a few eBay cases, but I've never had a buyer open a case with PayPal, so I'm t a loss what to do really. I sold a jumper a few weeks ago, accepting someones best offer. She then tried to back out of paying three times, saying the jumper contained wool and she had an allergy, despite there being a clear photo of the label which showed no wool was present. She then blamed her bad English thinking baumwool (cotton) was wool (I sent the jumper to france) despite all her messages being in perfect English, and paid. She left good feedback a few days later.
Now a week later she's opened a PayPal case saying the jumper is a size xxxxxxl and is different to the size on the label. I'm a bit fend up tbh, I wish she'd just asked to cancel the transaction in the first place as it was clear she didn't really want it. The item was from a good high street store, think similar to Hobbs or Jigsaw, and was marked as a L, which was stated in the listing, as well as a statement that this was 'roughly a 16-18' as shown on their own size chart. The jumper was slouchy in style, again as mentioned and as clearly shown in the pictures. I've submitted evidence to PayPal in the form of the messages where she wanted to not pay, the clear photo showing the size label on the jumper, and the shops own size chart from their website. But am I going to lose anyway? Its been my experience that eBay always side with the buyers, and I assume she went through PayPal rather than eBay as she'd already left positive feedback. I've also sent a screenshot of her feedback! Do I have a hope in hell or do I stand to lose the item and my money?

19lottie82 Sun 24-Jan-16 09:59:45

if it was an eBay case I'd say refund upon return and don't bother trying, but PayPal tend to be a bit more sensible when reviewing cases. Saying that, I expect they will still instruct you to refund upon return, but as its a PayPal case, thera no harm in putting up a fight, especially as the buyer has already left you positive feedback.

Make sure to block the buyer as well.

mehbridezilla Sun 24-Jan-16 10:07:25

Lottie,, that's exactly what I'd do in an eBay case too, but this is new territory. Id did give me the option to refund but I declined so it's been escalated, which is why I've submitted my evidence. I dint like to think of my buyers as being disappointed but at the same time, it's not my fault that the jumper doesn't fit her. Saying it's not as described just isn't true.

AutumnDragon Sun 24-Jan-16 10:27:10

Try phoning Paypal CS, they tend to be far more helpful and have loads more common sense than Ebay CS

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