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right, feedback help! - is long but please advise me.

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munz Wed 20-Dec-06 14:41:43

I know a lot of you will say i'm being petty and silly, but now i'm tyhinking it's the principal of the thing. right here goes:

DH brought 2 things on ebay from the same seller (a shop) for a total of £15 - not a great deal in the grand scheme of things I know, anyhow, this was on the thursday night (end of nov) we had recieved half the order by the monday recorded delivery, but not the cheaper second part, I emailed the seller and said this has happened please send out the correct order - I hard nothing from monday until friday (even after DH threatening neg f/b) anyhow I got a sorry you haven't had it etc I've been emailing u all the time to find your address (if he checked RM w/s he'd see i'd signed for the parcel so not trying to fiddle in anyway), anyhow this was the fri, he said would send on sat, anyhow monday comnes then I get a your item has been despached (so we're now 10 days after the origional buy) - paid straight away thru paypal. anyhow, the order was cocked up again and we recieved the exact same order again as the firsdt time - with the one bit missing, I emailed again - we're going on 4/5 email's i've sent by now, DH getting annoyed - me getting annoyed cos it's seriously not that hard to put a screwdriver in the post - esp for a shop who had sent to sweeden after our buy, anyhow.

I had yet no contact after 2 weeks of placeing the orgional order with him so I opened a dispute with paypal - emailed him to say I expected a reply before the close of business to my emails waiting didn't have one so did the dispute - withing 3 hours I'd had a reply and 2 days my final part. - fabby.

but now I had a spare order which we hadn't paid for - so I email again and say hiya, I have a spare order what do u want me to do - he says send it back I say ok etc (send recorded) anyhow, he's CONFIRMED to me he'd recieved it this sat just gone (I sent it out 4 dasy after receiving a second screwdriver which we hadn't paid for) also encl a letter as well with all details on it he said he'd refund me ASAP but i'm still waiting on a refund of the postage - we're not tlaking a huge amount here only £2.00 but it's not the point, he couldn't get it right to start with and cocked up so why should I pay esp after the hassle i've had with it all.

he's now not answering my emails again (surprise surprise - althou I know he's still selling/on ebay) i've left one pos f/b as the main part of the order was good, the other i've left neutral as I honestly don't think he deserved a pos, tbh DH wanted to leave a neg, but he seems to do retaliateing negs. anyhow, how can I add a follow up and am I justified doing it?

I want to say something like noty my fault but out of pocket and v unimpressed.

hairymclary Wed 20-Dec-06 14:45:05

I hate this kind of thing. you can't leave neg feedback because they will retaliate.
I wish ebay would do a sort of "blind" feedback. ie, none shows up until both parties have left feedback, that way there can be no retaliatory negatives.

Can you return the whole lot and claim through paypal?
have you reported him to ebay?

munz Wed 20-Dec-06 14:47:58

the thing is i've recieved after all this battle - 2 orders, me being the honest one (tyhe orders were cocked up) said look this is what you have done what do u want me to do about it so he said send them back, I did this and he said he'd refund my postage - it's not a huge amount £2, but it's the principla I should never have had that second lot in the first bloody place, it's his cock ups not mine I paid and waitied - I don't believe in buying something on ebay I can't pay for by paypal there and then. now i'm waiting again for this refund. i'm so it's unbeleiveable.

hairymclary Wed 20-Dec-06 14:50:24

I can imagine. I'd be furious.
Unfortunately ebay are astonishingly crap at actually doing anything about sellers like this and if he doesn't reply then there isn't much else you can do aside from claiming money back through paypal

I guess you could leave a follow up to your feedback, but if you're worried that he'll leave you neg then is it worth it?
what's his other feedback like?

munz Wed 20-Dec-06 19:53:51

well this is the point, is it really worth it for £2.00, i'm more pissed off than anything tbh. his feedback not too bad - 99.8% (i'm a bit snobby and won't buy from those under 98%) I did a follow up f/b so will now wait and see.

munz Wed 20-Dec-06 19:55:32

about it but pasty caring tbh, it will be a shame to get a neg as I have 100% f/b and always pay instantly upon the end of the auction - in fact once I didn't as LLOyds were haviong probs with ebay which I found out on the monday am, so paid via a diff bank a/c thru paypal on the monday 2 days after it ended.

Munz Sat 30-Dec-06 20:10:28

just revivng this for a minute, i've still not had the money fro the returned postage back - i'm v v pissed off tbh. I can't do a dispute on PP anymore as I recieved the goods - least that's how i'm reading it, the bloke is totally ignoring my emails completely - even when I contact him thru ebay, i've added a follow on to my comment on ebay which he's ignored. can I either get ebay to change the f/b i've left to a neg instead of a neutrol? or can I do a dispute I know it's only £2.00 but FFS he messed up big time, and I was honest and said look this is what you've done and sent it back with the promise from him the additional postage would be refunded ASAP but it's not, i'm so pissed off- and he's still selling now.

wheresthehamster Sat 30-Dec-06 21:03:49

How is he going to refund you?

Could it already have gone into your Paypal account or have you checked?

Someone owed me postage once.

We had some friendly correspondence with me saying forget it, it's only £3.00, him saying no, me saying ok send me a couple of pounds worth of stamps then, him saying if you're sure etc.

I made the mistake of leaving positive feedback before I had the refund and never heard from him again!

Munz Sun 31-Dec-06 11:16:57

he was going to do paypal - not ahd iot yet as I paid for something last night via paypal and nada from him,

i've already left one pos (was the good bit of the order) and one neut. he's only left me one pos.

do I cut my losses? - I know it's £2.00 and hardly worth bothering with but now I really wish i'd kept the second bloody order.

(I wouldn't have really but that's how pissed off I am)

ditzyangeluk Wed 03-Jan-07 07:02:19

Oh, something to get my teeth into ..
1) With the hassle you had getting the second part of your order, I wouldn't have made the effort to return the spare until he contacted you (taste of his own medicine!)
2) Has he left you feedback? You can add your dissatisfaction to this in additional comments
(My DH is the same as yours, with continuous 'retaliateing negs'!!)
3) Have you tried adding more follow-up comments?
4) You CAN still lodge a Dispute with Paypal stating that you have not received the FULL SERVICE/Item based on the technicality it is "an incomplete order as return postage was not refunded as informed"
5) Suggest you request his contact details, which eBay will notify him of, as this sometimes jolts them
6) Ebay won't change the feedback for you - they rarely get involved.
7) I'd go through Paypal as incomplete

Hope this helps

Munz Wed 03-Jan-07 11:02:14

thanks ditz - the answers

1) I know i'm a numpty, but sent it recorded so I have proof he recieved it.
2)only one pos FB - I have added 1 follow up to my neutrol can I add yet another? - not sure it would do anything thou.
(My DH is the same as yours, with continuous 'retaliateing negs'!!)
4) You CAN still lodge a Dispute with Paypal stating that you have not received the FULL SERVICE/Item based on the technicality it is "an incomplete order as return postage was not refunded as informed" ooh thanks will srot that out later on when J's napping
5) Suggest you request his contact details, which eBay will notify him of, as this sometimes jolts them he's already given me his mobile no but DH won't ring him for the sake of £2.00 and I won't do it - i'm a chiken! lol.
6) Ebay won't change the feedback for you - they rarely get involved. b*ards!
7) I'd go through Paypal as incomplete think that's the route i'm going to have to go thru.

Munz Wed 03-Jan-07 11:05:44

can't follow up again going to dispute it as it's pissed me off so much.

Munz Wed 03-Jan-07 12:16:07

can't dispute it again as already done it once and closed iot as I recieved my item - can't reopen it can I?

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