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I've sold two items on Ebay - how long does the buyer have to pay/contact me?

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Lucy1977 Tue 19-Dec-06 08:08:45


I've sold two sofas on Ebay. I didn't offer postage, I said the items had to be collected from me. One of the buyers has contacted me although they haven't confirmed how they are going to pay (I said Paypal, Bankers draft or postal orders or cash), and I havent' heard from the other buyer at all.

The auction ended on Sunday night (17th Dec) and I put in the ad that items must be collected within 5 working days (to get it over with before Christmas) = how long does the buyer have to contact me/pay me?



Quootiepie Tue 19-Dec-06 08:09:56

I guess they will pay cash on collection for something like that, so, up to 5 days... Email and ask them & arrange the pick up and payment xxx

JustUsTwoTurtleDoves Tue 19-Dec-06 08:12:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

geordiemacmincepie Tue 19-Dec-06 09:26:45

Oooh Lucy do you live in south lanarkshire? If so a girl I work with was bidding on your sofas.. didnt win though

Lucy1977 Tue 19-Dec-06 09:40:38

Hi GMMP - that's the one!

Which one was she bidding on?

Just read the feedback for the guy I haven't heard from and he's had one negative in the past 6 months and it says "non paying e-bayer, avoid at all costs"

Thanks for your help, so it's 7 days post auction that Ebay consider someone to not be paying.


geordiemacmincepie Tue 19-Dec-06 09:53:16

Its was the white one that she was bidding on... her ebay id is mucko100?

Lucy1977 Tue 19-Dec-06 17:02:36

Hi GMMP , yes I remember her now - I think she asked me a question about the sofa. The buyer of that one seems ok at the moment.


Lucy1977 Sun 24-Dec-06 20:15:58


Update - the lady came and collected one sofa and I got an email from the guy who'd won the auction on the other; he said he was going to collect it yesterday. He didn't show up so I emailed him last night saying he could collect it after Christmas if he paid via paypal within the 7 day Ebay pay policy.He hasn't replied to my email so what should I do now?

Can I relist the item straight away or is there a procedure to go through? Will I get charged my fees twice?

Thanks for any advice


ditzyangeluk Wed 03-Jan-07 07:09:55

The procedure starts with a Non Paying Bidder Alert - he will either get his butt in gear or you get your fees back & can re-list (though it does take a little time).

Alternatively, you can by-pass this by emailing him with a dead-line & say you will be re-listing after that date if he hasn't collected/paid. (If you do re-list this way though, you will get charged the fees again)

Lucy1977 Sun 07-Jan-07 21:56:21

GMMP - I'm just about to offer my brown sofa in the "second chance offer", I've just noticed your colleague also bid on this sofa but didn't win the auction. Do you know if she's still interested?

ditzyangeluk - I've just left negative feedback for the guy that won the auction. I didn't do an item dispute but I did try to contact him, I requested his details from ebay, left a message on his phone, emailed him etc and no reply.

I've just offered the sofa as a second chance offer, do you think I'm out of order? It's now 3 wks to the day that the guy won the auction and his last communication to me was on 21st Dec saying he was going to collect the sofa on Sat 23rd. He didn't show, he has my number so could've called me.

I'm a bit fed up with E-bay customer support, I keep emailing them but their responses are just the same - like they have been written by robots and aren't even answering my questions.

Thanks for your advice


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