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I could be Doing Without This!!

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MerryMellowmas Sun 17-Dec-06 14:51:02

Okay story so far .....

Friend/neighbour (we walk to school together) asks me to sell her camcorder on ebay! I set up ad and picture and ask her to have a look, she looks and says all fine.

Camcorder sells for £97, buyer pays, I give money to her, she sends camcorder.

I receive email yesterday saying camcorder is nothing like one in picture or description, it an old VHS which wouold sell for £30.

I tell my friend this and she is refusing to give refund saying he knew what he was buying.

Buying is now threatening me with police!! He has left bad feedback and is saying he can get ebay to take money straight from my account.

This person has my address my contact telephone number and everything!

charliecat Sun 17-Dec-06 14:53:23

Did you take a pic of the actual camera?

nothercules Sun 17-Dec-06 14:53:46

was it a different camera?

MerryMellowmas Sun 17-Dec-06 14:55:34

Nope I copied and pasted for her. I am so with myself.

I actually believe the guy and feel very sorry for him but neigh bour is now refusing to have it teturned. Should i just tell him to return it? Should I tell him just to contact police?

Very worried and hate causing problems and falling out with people but think she may be "at it". He sent me a pic of what it looks like and it is NOTHING like she said.

ClementClarkeMoore Sun 17-Dec-06 14:55:49

also has she paid insert and final payment fees to you?

TBH, I'd just email the buyer with her details and explain you were doing a friend and favour and please can he/she deal direct with her.

MerryMellowmas Sun 17-Dec-06 14:57:55

I emailed buyer with email details but to be honest I think, he thinks I am lying.

He said "Oh well, fingerprints by police will tell truth etc.

MerryMellowmas Sun 17-Dec-06 14:58:29

I paid all the fees was trying to do her a favour.

nothercules Sun 17-Dec-06 14:58:34

if i were him i'd stick with only discussing with you unless you said selling for friend.

MerryMellowmas Sun 17-Dec-06 15:00:10

yes that is what he said nothercules.

Oh ffs I think I will have to speak to her again. Why are some people so awkward, if she had sold something for me I would have no hesitation returning it if there were a problem.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 17-Dec-06 15:00:39

Does the buyer have much feedback?

What a mess ... do you know the friend/neighbour well?

charliecat Sun 17-Dec-06 15:01:11

What a nightmare
I would be really angry with the so called friend and get the money back off of her.

ClementClarkeMoore Sun 17-Dec-06 15:03:02

Well you've done her a favour and she's done you over, some friend.

Why on earth did you pay the fees? Out of £97 pounds she could have paid.

Ask the guy if he will co-operate and ask him to ring her at a pre-determined time so that you can be there when she takes the call, put her on the spot. Tell him what you're doing.

I'd be livid!

MerryMellowmas Sun 17-Dec-06 15:04:59

Yes buyer has good feedback. I really feel for him, was his wife xmas pressie

She is someone who has become a friend since ds started nursery, although I have to say not much of friend atm.

I have sent her an email showing her how serious the guy is about it so hopefully she will come to her senses and let go of her greed

I love mumsnet, you are all so sensible and nice, hate RL ppl

StayAtHomeMummy Sun 17-Dec-06 15:40:54

What a nightmare situation.

Sounds like he understands that you are in a difficult position, and it will be good if you can keep emailing him/talking to him amicably about this, so that he stays patient and waits for you to get your friend to see sense. Have you tried calling him? It might help.

Unfortunately, however, because you listed the item, I think that the buyer has every right to expect YOU, not your friend, to compensate him for this. At the end of the day, if you can't get her to come round to your way of thinking, you may find yourself liable. Not fair, when you were doing her a favour, but I think that if he takes it further you'll find there's not much you can do - you listed it, so it's your responsibility.

I'm really sorry not to be able to be more positive about this. Please keep trying to speak calmly to the friend, and the buyer, and I hope you can sort it out. You could also try emailing eBay support for advice, or looking on their community boards. I fear though, that it might end up costing you a refund and a friendship.

MerryMellowmas Sun 17-Dec-06 17:16:02


I have been onto friend again and explained it would fall on me, as I am responsible and he will contact police etc etc etc.

Her answer: He is bluffing!!

Caroligula Sun 17-Dec-06 17:21:27

She's not a friend.

I'd put it down to experience, sorry she sounds like a horrible, dishonest woman who doesn't mind cheating this bloke and you.

I'd tell all our mutual friends about her, and then never speak to her again.

MerryMellowmas Sun 17-Dec-06 17:29:39

Hmmm. Yes think you may be right. I now have his wife emailing telling me how I have reuined their christmas. If I had £100 I would probably give them it.

ClementClarkeMoore Sun 17-Dec-06 17:55:00

I hope you told your 'friend' that her response (bluffing) was not at all helpful to your situation?

I'd ask for your fees too as you're getting all this flak.

A hard lesson about 'helping' people out.

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