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Buyer feedback.

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Izzabellasasperella Mon 21-Dec-15 17:27:53

I sold a duvet and pillowcase on EBay. The seller has left me positive feedback but the comment said "condition not as expected thanks" I'm curious about that it was in great condition.Should I message the buyer to find out what she meant or leave it as they gave me a positive rating?

19lottie82 Mon 21-Dec-15 21:58:31

If you want to then yes. If you're not fussed, no.

I'd be more concerned if she's left you "low stars" for any of the categories. Look on your seller dashboard to see if you've got a related defect.

glammanana Tue 22-Dec-15 08:28:14

I'd also look at my sellers dashboard and if there are no related mark downs leave well enough alone and don't contact her,it may result in her requesting a return for some obscure reason.

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