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I bid on a P&T but I dont want it now! ARGH!!!!

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Flowermum Thu 14-Dec-06 10:15:28

What have i done!

I was bidding on this phil and teds here but I won another one that is in perfect condition and so I don't want this one now.

I've sent the seller a message asking to retract my bid but haven't heard anything back (though I did only send the message last night...) What else can I do?


PinkTinsel Thu 14-Dec-06 10:27:20

what did you bid? it's not over til the 17th so if a low bid i'm sure you won't get it

onzephyrstdayofchristmas Thu 14-Dec-06 10:28:42

You should be able to retract your bid

Flowermum Thu 14-Dec-06 10:28:55

I bid the starting bid of 150. I'm the only bidder. And a tit.

StayAtHomeMummy Thu 14-Dec-06 10:29:04

Try retracting your bid here


Flowermum Thu 14-Dec-06 10:30:01

Is it totally up to the seller whether (sp?) or not I can retract. How dumb am I to bid on two things at once!

HumphreyCushiONtheFirstNoel Thu 14-Dec-06 10:30:29

You can retract a bid yourself before the auction ends.
If you go to the Community page, then type 'retracting a bid' in the help pages, it explains how to do it.
There are various restrictions however.

mustrunmorenakedthroughthesnow Thu 14-Dec-06 10:30:31

you retract your bid yourself, not the seller. You need to make a note of the listing number, then look under 'help' for a bid retraction form.

StayAtHomeMummy Thu 14-Dec-06 10:31:21

Technically, yes, I think, unless you fit into the criteria on the form.

Flowermum Thu 14-Dec-06 10:32:08

OK. In the form though the only options are entered wrong amount, seller changed description or cannot contact seller. Seeing as I've not heard back from the seller should I just go on and do the form?

StayAtHomeMummy Thu 14-Dec-06 10:33:37

why don't you wait and see if you hear back from her in the next 24 hours, then retract? you have a few days to spare. It might be better since you don't seem to fit in with the official retraction reasons.

Flowermum Thu 14-Dec-06 10:36:23

Ok. Can someone tell me, why was I born again? Perhaps it was to show everyone else just how dim someone can be...

I'll keep you all updated, all going well I'll only receive one buggy. Otherwise, anyone interested in buying a P&T?

Flowermum Thu 14-Dec-06 10:36:47

Oh, and now I have to sell my Quinny...

StayAtHomeMummy Thu 14-Dec-06 10:37:46

Hope the seller is reasonable and cancels the bid for you. If not, you could still risk retracting - the worst that can happen is that you get a slap on the wrist from eBay...? Must have a quick look to see if they say what they do in these cases...back soon...

mrsratty Thu 14-Dec-06 10:38:33

They seem to go for alot more than £150, even if you don't manage to retract it seems highly unlikley you will win. If you do you will get a real bargin!

crappywappynamechangingwuss Thu 14-Dec-06 10:38:35

tell them you entered the wrong amount on the form and it was supposed to be £1.50

moljam Thu 14-Dec-06 10:39:15

im sure you'll be outbid(did you bid more than that?)as its so low.

StayAtHomeMummy Thu 14-Dec-06 10:40:41

This is what eBay says:

"A bid is a binding contract. Except under special circumstances, bid retraction is not permitted. Furthermore, misuse of the bid retraction option to manipulate the bidding process is not permitted. This includes any manipulation of the bidding process to discover the maximum bid of the current high bidder or to uncover the reserve price.

Breaches of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:

Listing cancellation

Limits on account privileges

Account suspension

Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings

Loss of PowerSeller status "

StayAtHomeMummy Thu 14-Dec-06 10:43:36

Sounds a bit heavy, and more applicable to manipulation rather than straightforward retraction because you've made a mistake.

moljam Thu 14-Dec-06 10:45:03

if you do win im sure you'll be able to resell no problem.

FairyTaleOfNewYork Thu 14-Dec-06 10:45:31

IF you only bid £150, i'm sure you'll be outbid soon.

Flumpybumpy Thu 14-Dec-06 10:46:16

Try contacting to seller again and say you are very sorry but you have been bought a buggy by a parent (small white lie) and no longer need the one you bidded on.

They do sell for a lot more that £150 so I am sure you wil be outbid anyway, but if you are nice and friendly you might find the seller will just relist the buggy and start again.

FB x

StayAtHomeMummy Thu 14-Dec-06 10:54:52

Totally agree with FB - if you're nice I'm sure they'll help, and if they really do sell for lots more, then you're sure to be outbid soon (unless you bid more than £150?) My kids way out of the pushchair stage, no idea about prices!

Flowermum Thu 14-Dec-06 10:56:38

The message I sent was quite chirpy and nice (well I think it was) and I just said that I accidently bid on two items at the same time but have already bought a P&T.

My maximum bid is 150 but there haven't been any bids since then. I think it might be because it has a small tear in the fabric. I ended up paying 280 for an orange one with double kit, which I thought was a bargain anyway.

StayAtHomeMummy Thu 14-Dec-06 10:59:58

Can't see that the tear will make a huge difference to the price though. The fact that she's been honest and put such a clear picture on will encourage people to trust her and bid - bet it will go for much more. We all know that kiddie things get a battering! But hopefully she'll cancel your bid anyway before then.

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