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Oops! There will be some unhappy ebayers tonight - Diana tickets

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ClementClarkeMoore Wed 13-Dec-06 16:53:45

In view of the unique and commemorative nature of the Concert for Diana event and as a mark of respect for the memory of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, we’ve decided to prohibit the resale of tickets to this event on the site.
Any tickets currently listed will be removed as soon as possible.

Now that the details of the event have been confirmed, we’ll be contacting the charities involved to suggest ways they can further raise money for Diana’s favourite causes through our eBay for Charity programme.

The Team


SherlockLGJ Wed 13-Dec-06 16:56:59

MerryPiffmas Wed 13-Dec-06 16:57:02

I saw this on ebay earlier some were going for £5k FFS
Appalling money grabbing - I was probaby one of many who complained
I mean a nintendo wii is one thing...

ComeOyefaithfulVeneer Wed 13-Dec-06 17:01:09

omg .

mrsratty Wed 13-Dec-06 17:03:15

This should be done for every concert!!!! People always mange to find a way around it as shown below.

MerryPiffmas Wed 13-Dec-06 17:04:25

Private sale trying to get folks to email him so he can sell them outside ebay
Cheeky Fekkers
This is not an auction for tickets!!!!

If you would like to purchase 2 tickets however, please contact me at ~++++

Urgently as ebay will remove this listing shortly

I would be happy to show my ticket confirmation to prove I have the tickets bought.

Spidermama Wed 13-Dec-06 17:06:03

Good for ebay.

ClementClarkeMoore Wed 13-Dec-06 17:16:38

Was there something else there before in that link?

ClementClarkeMoore Wed 13-Dec-06 17:17:48


ClementClarkeMoore Wed 13-Dec-06 17:18:51


ClementClarkeMoore Wed 13-Dec-06 17:20:31

As online shopping evolves, eBay continues to focus on preserving our marketplace's open and level playingfield whilst protecting our Community of members. We have decided to change how bid history information is displayed so unscrupulous people cannot target bidders with fake offers using this information. In certain cases, some bidders will no longer be able to see other bidder's User IDs on the listing page. Your User ID will be shown only to you and the seller of the item you're bidding on. Other members will see an anonymous name, such as Bidder 1, Bidder 2 etc.

what's occuring?

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