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Things you want to neg for, but won't ...

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NotQuiteCockney Wed 13-Dec-06 12:59:46

Got some used lego in the post today. Fast delivery, items as described, well packed, etc etc.

But they stink of cigarette smoke. Ok, I've washed them, they're lego, not stuffed toys, it's fine.

But I want to neg them for smoking so much that their children's plastic toys smell of tobacco. Ugh. Poor kids!

What things have you wanted to unreasonably neg for?

tassis Wed 13-Dec-06 13:00:49

apparently you can put lego in the dishwasher

i've not tried it though...

belgo Wed 13-Dec-06 13:01:55

I put second hand duplo in the dishwasher. Can't imagine how it would smell of cigarette smoke, that's disgusting.

MerryMellowmas Wed 13-Dec-06 13:02:30

I got one of those bed-guards for the side of ds2 bed.

It too was stinking of smoke, it also had a horrible dirty stain on the side of it and a few drops of paint here and there.

I left negative feed back saying I would never have sold this as it was dirty and disgusting.

LucyJones Wed 13-Dec-06 13:03:24

I bought a dvd that was a pirate copy. Dh said it was obvious it would be so I felt too foolish to write anything negative

NotQuiteCockney Wed 13-Dec-06 13:04:01

I just put it in the bathroom sink, added some kid shampoo, and left it. It's fine now, doesn't smell at all. I have a really good sense of smell, so I'd know ...

It probably didn't smell of smoke to the seller at all.

A bed guard is a different deal.

(I always forget to check if adverts say "smoke free home". Thankfully it didn't matter this time!)

NotQuiteCockney Wed 13-Dec-06 13:04:42

Yeah, I'm really twitchy about buying DVDs and games on Ebay. Lots of pirate copies out there, lots of people happily buying them. I read a lot of feedback before buying anything like that.

yorkshireWenceslass Wed 13-Dec-06 13:06:22

NQC that's gross! I've never heard of plastic smelling of tobacco, yuk poor kids!
I bought what I thought was a cowgirl cushion for DD, all over the description it said CUSHION CUSHION CUSHION but what I didn't realise was in tiny little letters hidden amongst the international postage bit (which I scanned over as it didn't apply to me) it said 'COVER ONLY'. Grrrrrr. Should have read more closely I know but I was cross that it was so well hidden.

mygirllolipop Wed 13-Dec-06 14:08:38

Message withdrawn

NotQuiteCockney Wed 13-Dec-06 15:45:22

Hmm, I think it's best to neg only when things are really bad. At least that's what others have recommended.

fireflyxmasfairylights2 Wed 13-Dec-06 15:52:06

I bought some toys on Sunday & asked the seller if they would be posted before, xmas, still had no reply, but not worrying about it, it's only Wednesday & it's not Xmas for another week & a bit!!!

tinkerbellie Thu 14-Dec-06 11:44:54

i have sold all my old baby stuff on ebay and buy a lot of stuff too. and whikst i understand that when people say second hand they mean used some stuff is in a really poor state (stains etc) i would never dream of selling anything in such a condition (i leave a note if there is any sort of marks etc)
but when you leave these people bad feedback sometimes they retaliate by leaving you bad feedback even though there is no probs on your part so now i only leave ned feedback if they have already left me positive ( what an arse ache!!)

but it is really annoying when someone leaves you neg feedback that is unjustified. I sold my bugaboo gecko on ebay, this woman emailed me asking for buy it now i said she could have it for £380.00 it was in immaculate condition with only the seat unit used and i even threw in the bag clips for free she seemed so nice

anyway it took a lot of trouble to package it all up so it wouldn't get damaged and then i spent hours on ebay trying to let it change the listing to buy it now and then i let her pay by chequw cos her paypal wasn't working so had to wait for the cheque to come etc, and she emailed everyday asking if i had posted it yet (when i did tell her that i would have to wait for it to clear)
eventually i posted it and it cost £15 to post on top of all the packaging

imagine my shock when she left me neg feedback because she had to pick it from her postal depot because she wasn't in when it came (do i have control over parcelforce?) and then said that postage was only £15 and she had paid £25 and that this was disgusting (well she knew how much postage was before she got a bargain and that including all the packaging)

sorry that has been nothering me for ages

NotQuiteCockney Thu 14-Dec-06 12:49:24

I wonder, do you get a warning before you neg someone? I think some people don't realise it's really better (and wiser!) to contact the seller and try to resolve things, before resorting to negging.

(Am a bit PMSL at the idea of someone negging you because they weren't in when parcelforce came! What next, will they neg you because it rained that day?)

tinkerbellie Thu 14-Dec-06 13:03:17

i know i was really upset about it because i had actually gone out of my way for her, but never mind
i think they should change it so that sellers have to leave you feedback straight after you have paid and then again after they send the item that way they can't wait and see what you say about them

Nemoinapeartree Thu 14-Dec-06 13:05:41

I left neg for something similiar couple of years ago. Bought DS a trevor traction enging from thomas tank in the plastic range. When it arrived it stunk of smike, the face was brown from nicotine etc I cleaned and cleaned it but the face stayed brown so I had to bin it. Emailed seller who basically said tough so left neg but they left me neg despite me paying withint 5mins of auction ending etc..really peed me

EniDeepMidwinter Thu 14-Dec-06 13:06:30

I am considering negging the woman who sold me the playmobil castle

its great and everything But it was not the new one as her picture said, it was the old style one (dd wont care) and she made a big deal about the dragon and when it arrived it was broken (no wing). She said she would refund me if I sent the dragon back - I sent it back and guess what? no refund despite a few emails.

NotQuiteCockney Thu 14-Dec-06 13:07:13

tinkerbellie, I sometimes think that if people start out demanding weird things from you (e.g. buy it now rather than just using ebay normally), they're just going to carry on being unreasonable and demanding, iyswim.

tinkerbellie Thu 14-Dec-06 13:15:40

yeah. now i won't change my listing and def won't accept anything but paypal to make or accept a payment, bought my husband a psp at the beginning of the year and it never turned up so had to claim off paypal, thank god we got our money back!

skerriesmum Thu 14-Dec-06 13:31:02

Just another smell story, I bought a hard plastic toy from someone and it also reeks of cigarette smoke! And it takes batteries so I can't be soaking it in a sink. It is worth buying from smoke free home, for sure...

Mummymonster Thu 14-Dec-06 13:47:10

I'd like to but don't leave neg feedback for poor packaging. Lack of communication from seller and extortionate postage charges.

I left negative for one item as it was badly listed, I had to chase for info and the item was damaged. They left negative for me and I had to respond. I felt wronged by the sellers attitude so the response facility helps.

Basically, I feel you should send out items as you would wish to receive them.

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