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designer watch on ebay..

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geordiemacmincepie Tue 12-Dec-06 14:21:19

Sorry cant do links

Anyone see any reason why this wouldnt be real? Looks ok to me but just wanting som reassurance?


hoohoo Tue 12-Dec-06 14:24:24


hoohoo Tue 12-Dec-06 14:25:04

looks real to me too!

FairyTaleOfNewYork Tue 12-Dec-06 14:25:35

tbh i wouldnt buy anythign designer off ebay.

daisy1999 Tue 12-Dec-06 14:27:27

agree with fairy - I wouldn't buy anything expensive. I always assume everything is fake on there and only buy on that assumption.

MumtoAnne Tue 12-Dec-06 19:00:35

i think watches are something that are often fake. They can make it very realistic. My dp made that mistake!

laneydaye Tue 12-Dec-06 19:04:23

Would think twice before buying!

MumtoAnne Tue 12-Dec-06 19:05:02

just checked the item out. not a big enough % discount for me to risk it being fake.

mygirllolipop Wed 13-Dec-06 09:59:15

Message withdrawn

corrina28 Wed 13-Dec-06 10:05:45

i agree with daisy, am very sceptical about everything that i buy on ebay, prefer it to be second-hand just so i know its gonna be cr*p, then there is no disappointment

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