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waht sorts of things do you buy/sell on ebay - and what would you definatly not buy/sell on there as well?

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munz Mon 11-Dec-06 08:17:24

cos i'm thinking of setting up a shop - for the minute i'll be doing old clothes etc, but was wondering if to broaden the scope - what wouldn't you get/qwould iycwim.

clothes? smellys? electrica stuff etc??

also if tyou do have a shop/sell regually where do you get your stock if not from home?

munz Mon 11-Dec-06 08:17:50

what * sorry really should preview

HeavenisInherwinterunderwear Mon 11-Dec-06 08:28:37

Childrens clothing in good condition and still with tags on.
You could buy off e-bay from the wholesale section.
If I could just give you some advice,if you buy off e-bay to re-sell,then have two accounts. So you have one you buy with and the other you sell on,that way people can't see what you have bought and then selling it on for.
Are you any good at crafts you could sell a few home made cards.
There are people on e-bay who will sell you lists for wholesalers. But research on the web should turn up a few results.

brimfull Mon 11-Dec-06 08:57:57

I buy second hand clothes,usually a well known brand ie. boden etc,for myself and dc's

I have also bought new bras,well known brand again (fantasie).

I have sold clothes aswell

I have bought toys aswell,new and used.

munz Mon 11-Dec-06 10:13:59

heavins that's waht we have done a bit of reseach it's jsut finding if we could make it worth our while iycwim. will look in the wholesale section thou thanks.

HeavenisInherwinterunderwear Tue 12-Dec-06 14:29:51

bump incase anyone else has anything to add.

blueshoes Tue 12-Dec-06 15:49:28

I buy fancy dress costumes off ebay.

moljam Tue 12-Dec-06 15:52:04

i buy reusable nappies and sell on when lo grows out of them.
i also buy childrens clothes and vintage pieces.

moljam Tue 12-Dec-06 15:52:20

oh and pushchairs!

Dophus Tue 12-Dec-06 15:53:04

I buy designer children's gear (catimini, miniman etc) and I bought a lot ofmy maternity stuff there (Formes only).

I bought loads of the nursery stuff (dicontinued Mamas and Papas line - new only).

I have also bought knitting wool (once ripped off).

TEEstheCEEsontobejolly Tue 12-Dec-06 15:53:17

I have bought:

a leather sofa
Shoes for girls
clothes for girls
a door bouncer thing
a hippy chick seat belt thing
baby bath/bucket

munz Tue 12-Dec-06 16:00:08

thanks guys, I'd forgotten about this thread! lol. thanks heavins for bumping it for me.

have sorted out mine/J's old clothes so will start there with those, also had a loko at the warehouse on ebay some of those look good, althou i'm reluctant to spend a lot of money (can't afford to loose it see so that's why I was wanting to know waht was a good seller)

mummyemmy Thu 14-Dec-06 02:08:11

I've sold:-

-Re-useable nappies
-Mobile phones - beware of scams though
-I bought things with a decent label from charity shops given them a wash and sold them on! Bought one dress for £8 sold it for £38!
-Shoes / trainers
-3 for 2 items

Don't bother with books on ebay sell them on Amazon unless they are really heavy as you won't get enough postage costs from Amazon.

Don't get addicted like me or else you spend every waking hour packing things in bubble wrap and queuing down the post office!

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