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Payment pending through paypal??? Why?

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3sEnough Sat 09-Dec-06 08:38:49

Hi - I've had this twice before (in 3 years) but my latest buyer has this message showing above her payment on 'my ebay' - the last times the money didn't get through to me and was returned to the seller 6 days later - why and how can I avoid this - I only have on email address registered with paypal so they can't be getting the wrong address - which I know bu..ers up the system.

3sEnough Sat 09-Dec-06 08:39:40

I meant to say also that everybody else's payments come to me quickly and without incident.

santasaltire Sat 09-Dec-06 09:13:02

I had this a while ago. The payment kept showing up as pending, and did so for 2 weeks. of course during that tinme the buyer emailed me asking where her goods were, and i had to tell her it was still pending, but on her paypal account it was showing as having been paid. IYSWIM
It did eventually come through as paid but it took a while

mazzarella Sat 09-Dec-06 09:27:39

when it does this they have either paid you by an e cheque and they take up to 10 days to clear or you have to go into paypal and accept the payment

3sEnough Sat 09-Dec-06 14:28:10

Hi - thanks for this - I'll try going into my account and see what I can find out.

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