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Am I allowed on MN

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threelittlegifts Thu 07-Dec-06 16:38:50

to ask people to take a look at what I am selling on ebay? Or would it need to be in buying and selling, or elsewhere?

Have 3 things for sale, 7 hours left and really wanted to post them tomorrow. No bids or watchers

themulledSNOWMANneredjanitor Thu 07-Dec-06 16:41:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

6beetrootsAmilking Thu 07-Dec-06 16:42:07

there is a topic called ebay? WHY?

bundle Thu 07-Dec-06 16:45:11

can we have a topic called Brian?

6beetrootsAmilking Thu 07-Dec-06 16:46:11


IS that becasue of hte adverts?

I want one called Hobbs

threelittlegifts Thu 07-Dec-06 16:58:44

No it is some toys janitor

No idea why there is an ebay topic, but exist it does, and others have used it too!

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