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ICYMI - Ebay refund chaos - for information only

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wobblywindows Wed 04-Nov-15 10:33:44

I know you all have great ebay reserves and the likelihood of your having to refund from an empty paypal account is minimal, but I thought I would mention a small detail. By the time the buyer contacted me and filed a refund, I had spent my entire Paypal balance on Lego. I funded the pesky refund from my bank account which took a week to clear, and Paypal issued the refund as an echeque. The Ebay system got almost everything wrong: the email from ebay says it refunded (double the amount of the refund) . Ebay say this is because the refund went via Paypal echeque and it added it twice: ie the echeque + the same amount when the echeque cleared. AIBU to think the email should report the correct amount of refund?

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