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Buying from US Ebay

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KanyesVest Thu 22-Oct-15 23:09:51

I'm an Ebay novice, but my first purchase, a Buy It Now went well, so I'm getting brave. I have found something else, but it's from the US. Does it work the same way? And, do I need to consider customs? Thanks for any advice!

19lottie82 Fri 23-Oct-15 07:54:20

It does work the same way yes, you get the same buyer protection, but you're right you will be responsible paying for any associated customs / VAT charges which apply if the item is over a certain amount (I think £15?)

nauticant Fri 23-Oct-15 08:05:20

It works the same way but with complications.

Firstly, unless it's a low value item, I think around £20, then you pay 17.5% VAT and a handling fee (£8?) on importation. Sometimes they don't catch the item and you get it without these charges being levied. I'd suggest resisting the temptation to have the item shipped to you recorded as having a false low value.

Secondly, if there's a problem, you might have to pay for a tracked international return. Not cheap. The only time I did this the time disappeared on route. (But luckily I'd insured it and I got most of my money back via insurance.)

nauticant Fri 23-Oct-15 08:07:20

"the item", not "the time"

KanyesVest Fri 23-Oct-15 17:35:16

Thanks for the replies. I thought that'd be the case for customs alright, and in the run up to Christmas I presume they will be clamping down, which just sounds like a lot of hassle. Think I'll sitck with UK sellers for the moment.

SistersOfPercy Sat 24-Oct-15 16:01:57

Actually it depends on how the ad is worded whether you will pay customs or not. The Global Shipping program covers the costs of all associated fees so the price you pay is just that, with no added surprises on landing.

I bought item one a few weeks ago from the USA, on the ad by the shipping section it stated:

^No additional import charges on delivery.
This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking^

Item Two I bought last week, again from the US. This one states in the shipping section:

International items may be subject to customs processing and additional charges.

So the simplest answer is read carefully to see if your seller is part of the GSP. If not, have a look at this website and it will give you a good idea of associated costs:

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