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iBaby outfit described as worn once, complete with baby sick and yellowed collar...What to do?

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Piffle Tue 05-Dec-06 11:00:03

Okies I have been ebaying for 4 yrs
IMO seller is either visually impaired or dishonest as item was described as worn once, well that could be true but it has baby sick still on it (not washed) and the light blue collar is stained as opften happens with new baby stuff.
it is a very cute, designer new baby outfit, I am stocking up for baby due in March. I buy off ebay so I have better stuff at same prive as you pay for dull stuff on high street, because I'm pretentious or what who knows.
so I emailed the seller to say am disappointed with her description.
Am awaiting her response...
am tempted to neutral her at the least as she has already left me decent feedback.

kslatts Tue 05-Dec-06 11:16:33

That's terrible, I would email her to say that you want a refund or you will leave neg feedback. Can't believe that someone would send something with baby sick on.

knittingtinsel Tue 05-Dec-06 11:19:26

I had the same thing recently when I bought a little boys rugby shirt (you know, striped with a white collar and button section).

The collar and button section is stained with something orange and I would have complained and asked for a refund plus a refund of the postage to return it. Note, I say I would have done this, but the seller sent me the item before I sent them the cheque, they also left postive feedback so I simply didn't send the cheque and I've not heard anything from them since.

I am trying to remove the stain but have already tried several different things nad had no luck.

Could you e-mail a picture of the offending area to her ?

I must get busy with the digital camera I hope to get for Xmas and put some of ds1's clothes (he was a March baby) up for sale on here although I possibly dont have anything pretentious enough for your taste .

Is it your first boy ? I do have some osh kosh etc stuff and some stuff from the states.

Piffle Tue 05-Dec-06 11:22:46

I'm not sure it's a boy I just really really think it is.
identical preg to when I had ds (13 yrs ago)
with dd I puked until 27 weeks, hmmm
could be wrong but hey, girl would just be dressed in cute boy stuff for a month or two
dp does not want me to find out gender. but I have a trick up my sleeve - one growth scan he knows nothing about... evil me.
I have no boy stuff from last time as too long ago and 12000 miles away (had ds in NZ)

Anyway seller has mailed back saying apologies, and offered part refund or return of item for ful refund
I'll take a part refund and try to get the marks out somewho.
oooh more baby boys clothes... tempt me

Piffle Tue 05-Dec-06 11:23:54

Also I'm not really pretentious I just like good quality thick plain but classy cotton stuff that is not emblazoned with FUTURE BABE MAGNET etc

WhenSantaWentQuietlyMad Tue 05-Dec-06 11:33:32

This happened to me. The item was described as worn once, but had baby sick on and smelled really strongly of smoke (a 3-6 months size outfit). It was quite expensive (about 13 pounds as I remember for a Monsoon dress).

Well stupidly I didn't know what to do, so I left positive feedback and then just sent an email explaining what I had done and about the sick/smoke.

I got an email back saying "I don't know how that is possible, it was washed and laundered before sending".

Anyway, I didn't really mind because I washed it and it was fine. I was a bit annoyed about being called a liar (insult to injury!) but gave her the benefit of the doubt. You can be really busy with children and it must have been an oversight.

Piffle Tue 05-Dec-06 11:34:55

the sick will wash out and the yellow collar will fade and maybe come up better after vanish but I think I paid over the odds (£7) for an stained item. However lovely it is

knittingtinsel Tue 05-Dec-06 11:35:57

Well, I am thinking mainly of the summer stuff as ds2 will be needing autumn/winter stuff at the 0-3 3-6 stage whereas ds1 had t-shirt and shorts sets and shortsleeve/shortleg all in ones.

There was one shortsleeve/shortleg all-in one in particular that sticks in my mind that was by osh gosh with blue horizontal stripes and a small/medium sized shiny rubbery whale motif on the front. I loved it but he only wore it a few times. I must refresh my memory by opening the appropriate storage box and having a rummage. Rest assured I am an excellent launderess and anything irredeemable gets chucked in the rags box !

I don't have a digital camera to send pictures at the moment though. Why don't we get in touch if its still appropriate after your secret scan .

Piffle Tue 05-Dec-06 11:44:01

LOL secret scan in 02 January - do will be safely trundling down the m1 so will be blissfully unaware.
Hee hee, feel very naughty though

knittingtinsel Tue 05-Dec-06 11:55:39

how will you explain the stockpiling of baby boy clothes if you aren't supposed to be finding out ?

Piffle Tue 05-Dec-06 11:57:51

I told Dp I think it is a boy due to instinct, type of preg etc
I said I want to find out, he said no
Being as we have one of each I had no leg to stand on to find out when he was in the scanning room.
I pestered and chuntered about how unfair it was, so he said
Lok if you are so bloody sure it's a boy (I've been right both times before) then trust your instinct and get boy stuff FGS.
So I am
if it is a girl I have tons of stuff from dd, so if I do find out, he would not know tbh

knittingtinsel Tue 05-Dec-06 12:00:11

I see you are from NZ, I also remember one all in one that was sent to me by someone living in NZ, it had a sailing theme unsurprisingly.

ds1 had clothes gifts from NZ, Oz and the States !

knittingtinsel Tue 05-Dec-06 12:06:19

If your dp will be trundling "down" the m1, you must be up north, so am I (I kind of assume that the majority of MN'ers are in and around London).

all4girlz Tue 05-Dec-06 12:54:19

hiHave you had your refund?
This happened to me with a sailor dress and hat the marks were not that bad but very visible , I e-mailed the seller with a pic and she ave me a full refund so Ileft positive with an explanation.
I bought a pampolina dress for mt dd2 andit came complete with lots of moth holes yuk I e-maied him/them repeatedly no answer gave him a big fat neg and got one back saying that I asked for a refund after 3 weeks lol.

btw are you after any newborn stuff I hve a big mothercare bag full due try and sell on here or ebay marks ands sprks and next couple of designer bits a blue? pic quick babygro lol
congrats on your pregnancy

Piffle Tue 05-Dec-06 16:31:37

Yes I got a 50% refund which I am happy with, plus she was very genuine fast and very sorry.
So I paid £9 incl p+p got £5 back which was decent.

Yes pretty much after newborn stuff at this stage. Suitable for early spring/March time

knittingtinsel Wed 06-Dec-06 14:09:46

Result ! Makes everyone feel better all round doesn't it when the seller is fair about it.

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