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Payment Pending but send item WTF?

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MagersfonteinLugg Wed 21-Oct-15 22:16:00

Sold 10 items of clothing today and all state PAID.
However they all state payment pending till 11 th Novmber but expect me to post now.
Are they taking the piss?
Why should I post items now when I won't receive the payment for them for another 3 weeks?

iggy155 Wed 21-Oct-15 22:18:10

Are you a new seller? This is normal practice by eBay when you are a brand new seller.

MagersfonteinLugg Wed 21-Oct-15 22:28:01

No I have been selling for 3 years, sold over 1,000 items and have 100%.

Blodss Wed 21-Oct-15 22:49:22

Is it a new thing with pay pal. They recently separated from ebay and had a new policy for you to review.

19lottie82 Wed 21-Oct-15 23:19:38

PayPal do this occasionally, it's a security measure, nothing personal. Give PayPal a phone and they may be able to reduce the holding time for you.

strawberryblondebint Thu 22-Oct-15 10:18:20

I had this. You need to send the goods. These people have paid. It's PayPal that have your money. The quicker you add tracking numbers the quicker you get the funds

summerwinterton Thu 22-Oct-15 10:19:25

make sure you send fully tracked - try Hermes as they are cheaper and free proof of delivery

glammanana Fri 23-Oct-15 08:29:21

It could be that you have sold a high volume of items quickly and if you haven't used ebay for a while you will find this,thats why its good to keep selling stuff even if only cheap items to keep you account active,pay-pal may release once your tracked details are entered and your buyer acknowledges receipt just give them a ring

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