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Ok, so there are about 20 of an item on ebay, and I have 11 people watching mine, so...

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mustrunmorenakedthroughthesnow Mon 04-Dec-06 22:27:05

... how many do you reckon are just the other people comparing their progress, and how many really are interested in bidding? Not that it matters, I just have no patience and 22 hours to go with 3 bids so far!!

Thecharmed1 Tue 05-Dec-06 00:00:33

If you put links to your ebay on here, people sometimes keep an eye on the stuff and bid towards the end
Good luck with selling your bits

soooobored Tue 05-Dec-06 00:17:22

depends what your item is, a link would help. I'm a powerseller and have often found that whatchers amount to ntohing.

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