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LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 14:36:19

Get your manky shoes and list them on ebay tonight between 7 and 10pm for 7 days, starting at 99p.
honest postage.
then come on here and provide your link.
will make for a very interesting experiment! lol

blueamema Fri 08-Dec-06 21:03:33

LOL that's so funny .... made my day!!

were do you find this stuff!

Monkeytrousers Fri 08-Dec-06 20:25:00

oh, you can see his little cock!

brimfull Fri 08-Dec-06 20:04:49

well my other pair sold for .....wait for it....


hardly worth it......pah!

all4girlz Fri 08-Dec-06 18:13:57

bananaknickers -I HAVE just had alook omg
and myauction got pulled for adult content ??
think some one must have reported me but they are spoilsorts I had a bid as well [fsad]

Bananaknickers Fri 08-Dec-06 17:46:15

check this out if you dare.Something for the ladies

doyouwantfrankincensewiththat Fri 08-Dec-06 16:31:09

how much do you think I'd get for my (slightly worn) fencing knickerbockers . I could throw in the gauntlet too

brimfull Fri 08-Dec-06 15:55:37

well my suede loafers didn't sell

3 hrs for my black ones,a bit more promising

BBWBabeLisa Fri 08-Dec-06 14:57:36

Just seen this thread! Fantastic. I'm going to have to try this. Once DD's in bed I'll do some digging.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Fri 08-Dec-06 14:54:04

skribble you boots look like they have miles left in them, but you have had plenty of hits!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Fri 08-Dec-06 14:51:44

only 3 mins left on ggirls brown ones!

all4girlz Fri 08-Dec-06 12:57:40

but my kickers sold before they could pull them but they were on as they were fine
any one else's auctions been pulled?

all4girlz Fri 08-Dec-06 12:55:22

wtf I have just logged on and my listing has been removed under probition of the the sale of erotic and sexual items !!!!!

Bananaknickers Fri 08-Dec-06 11:21:56

I got another person mail me who didn't get the joke. I have ended the listing now.I couldn't even be bothered to mail that to a seller so I don't get them either.

Skribble Fri 08-Dec-06 00:01:13

Here is my lovely boots

They actually look a lot better than they are really, tried to get them looking really worn but, photos came out too good.

Should I give more details, I think my description is quite tame?

notreallyhereDee Thu 07-Dec-06 22:13:34

they obviously have discoverd the used shoes fetist stuff then lol.

stil lcant belive i have a bid and 6 watchers!!! on a skanky holey smelly pair of trainers.

Bananaknickers Thu 07-Dec-06 22:11:36

someone has asked me if my listing is a joke. What shall I say because I would have thought it was obvious.There are loads of smelly shos on there.Why are mine different then?

Monkeytrousers Thu 07-Dec-06 20:20:52

Don't even wear them. Just rub them up with an old haddock.

That's what they're after!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Thu 07-Dec-06 18:34:47

wear 'em for a bit, under your trousers or jeans or whatever, or to work if you have a 'smart' job, then sell em for 3quid a pair. thats what some are doing.

DoesntChristmasDragOn Thu 07-Dec-06 18:26:40

There's a market for old tights/stockings too??? And jodphurs. Not that I have any odphurs mind you. I do have a bag of old tights/stockings and holdups though...

LadyOfThePoinsettias Thu 07-Dec-06 18:15:54

no way ggirl..............

brimfull Thu 07-Dec-06 18:14:03

<<<<<whispers,they're my dd's legs and shoes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

slinks off guiltily

LadyOfThePoinsettias Thu 07-Dec-06 17:48:06

i have been asked if i have more shoes or boots and socks and tights by a guy that regularly buys this sort of stuff. what sort of stuff have they bought in the past?
i think your pumps will definately go, similar ones have sold, plus you have your legs in your pics! lol

brimfull Thu 07-Dec-06 17:27:44

Okay,own up ,who is babyblueys ?I've had a question about the black pumps,asking me how much they smell of sweaty feet and if I had anymore shoes or boots.

I am sure it's a mumsnetter.

Bananaknickers Thu 07-Dec-06 15:29:56

I have not had a sniff yet. Maybe they are not sexy enough? I don't wear skanky worn down shoes.I will dig deeper in my wardrobe me thinks.

Monkeytrousers Thu 07-Dec-06 13:26:45

OMG LadyOfThePoinsettias; I hope the same people don't go for your nappies and baby clothes that are going for yor shoes!

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