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LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 14:36:19

Get your manky shoes and list them on ebay tonight between 7 and 10pm for 7 days, starting at 99p.
honest postage.
then come on here and provide your link.
will make for a very interesting experiment! lol

twentypence Fri 30-Mar-07 07:44:25

Just sold a pair of boots for $145 NZ. Which is roughly what i paid for them 10 years ago given the exchange rate at the time.

The woman who bought them was REALLY posh.

Imawurzelcoveredinchocolate Fri 30-Mar-07 07:32:20

Well this is just plain odd.
People bidding on worn shoes.
I might try to sell some of mine then .
Any specific wording to help sell such items from those of you who suceeded?

baguiovillas Fri 30-Mar-07 00:58:55


shameless bump for this fab thread

here's something different


StayAtHomeMummy Wed 13-Dec-06 10:06:00

I had a huge clear-out a month or two back, too, so had nothing to sell, but have watched this thread with interest and MUCH amusement (rofl at the flight attendant pants!). Will never bin my manky shoes again. Or my used tights, pants....

ClementClarkeMoore Wed 13-Dec-06 09:44:41

I've binned my manky shoes

crappywappynamechangingwuss Wed 13-Dec-06 09:42:30

I'm a late comer but I'm going to try listing my old manky shoes after Christmas from reading this.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 13-Dec-06 08:58:21

you will all be pleased to know i have made £45.21, inc. postage, by selling my manky shoes!
some have added me to their favourites list! lol

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Tue 12-Dec-06 18:49:09

omg! You have had some unusual requests! But good result money wise!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 12-Dec-06 18:47:54

my boots went for £5.50 and he has asked me to package very discreetly and send to his work address so the wifr doesnt find them! pmsl
i feel like a mistress or something!!
my other work shoes are currently at £8.01- the current highest bidder wants me to get them muddy before sending if he wins! and the navy pair are at £4.20, highest bidder on there wants me to wear them again before sending if he wins as he wants them 'as nasty as possible'!

bless them.
with the proceeds, i have already bought a new pair for myself!!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Mon 11-Dec-06 21:27:05

Mine have ended t £4.20. I'm and pleased! But still worried the buyer will be dis-satisfied with them unless they are one of the she fetishers!

FairyTaleOfNewYork Mon 11-Dec-06 21:19:38

mine are stil lat 99p.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 11-Dec-06 21:17:20

£6.21 lol!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 11-Dec-06 20:41:35

more shoes ending tonight!!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Sun 10-Dec-06 16:35:45

tortoise is at £4.20, very good!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Sun 10-Dec-06 16:32:11

oh good golly these shoe guys are very confusing! they bid then retract them, then bid again! lol
so many shoes, so little time obviously!
im sending dh off into the loft shortly to look for more, i have boxes full of shoes!
one of my pervs offered me £20 for a pair of tights and £10 for a pair of socks!

i am deffo never going back to work!
what an idiot i have been, slogging away in the office!

BBWBabeLisa Sun 10-Dec-06 10:49:54

BBW = Big Beautiful Woman

About 6 years ago I discovered there was a whole internet community out there of big women (BBW)and (perfectly "normal" - by which I mean not freaky fetishists) men who prefer BBW. I started going regularly to a club in London called Big Girls Paradise (which is where I met my DH - he used to drive down from north Yorkshire every month to go to the club - I guess there just weren't enough fat birds in Yorkshire!) and set up a chat room on irc, organised regular nights out and so on. Had a great time being involved in that, but used to get a lot of emails from fetish types - many of them shoe/foot fetishists. One I remember particularly well had a fantasy that he was as small as an ant and wanted to be stood on by a BBW in heels - bizarre!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Sat 09-Dec-06 23:04:07

Sorry,What is BBW?
I hope your sell. Im going to look out for more in charity shops! Lol!

BBWBabeLisa Sat 09-Dec-06 22:15:42

PMSL. I created a new ebay user-id, as I don't wanna take any chances with my 100% feedback and hard earned rep. Listed a pair of shoes, not particularly well worn, but I figured it'd be worth putting BBW in the title somewhere - as I know theres a lot of foot fetishists who are into us fat birds too (from some freaky emails I got when I ran a BBW chat room). 2 watchers so far (shouldn't be any of you as I haven't posted a link!) and I've just had a question asking me if I only sell shoes. Have replied asking if he's after anything in particular! Not sure I really wanna know the answer

doyouwantfrankincensewiththat Sat 09-Dec-06 17:27:55

It must be true I read it in Marie Claire.

brimfull Sat 09-Dec-06 16:21:36

bleurgh ...vomit

Bananaknickers Sat 09-Dec-06 16:20:37

doyouwantfrankincensewiththat Sat 09-Dec-06 12:01:23

I understand flour & water paste is the usual additive for the authetic used underwear look

sallystrawberry Fri 08-Dec-06 22:59:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Fri 08-Dec-06 22:27:17

OMG! I have 5 bids!
I'm worrying now that i didn't describe them well enough!

Skribble Fri 08-Dec-06 22:24:38

Im just not in the running am I? LadyOfThePoinsettias they look beter in the pics than they really are, I was going to mash them up a bit, but if they don't sell they are going to the charity shop,

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