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LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 14:36:19

Get your manky shoes and list them on ebay tonight between 7 and 10pm for 7 days, starting at 99p.
honest postage.
then come on here and provide your link.
will make for a very interesting experiment! lol

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 14:42:41

on researching for 5mins, you need a description of the wearer and the older the better. holes are big selling points.
im going to mug my brother for his bmx trainers with literally no toes left! lol

colditz Mon 04-Dec-06 14:43:42

LOL this should be good watching!

notreallyhereDee Mon 04-Dec-06 14:43:54

oh excellant, i was about to bin my old trainers.

foxtrottothefestivegrotto Mon 04-Dec-06 14:44:16


LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 14:44:33

what a waste dee!

notreallyhereDee Mon 04-Dec-06 14:45:42

i know, they absolutly stink and have holes in one toe.

should fetch a bit then

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 14:47:01

i would think so!
list them tonight!

me23bottlesofsherry Mon 04-Dec-06 14:47:29

Oh no I've just thrown out 2 pairs of old shoeslast saturday

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 14:50:29

i have to go tidy up now, and find my manky shoes!!
keep this bumped! could make for some light hearted fun mn needs just lately!

AlgernonGetYerTubaOut Mon 04-Dec-06 14:50:54

I haven't got any shoes that fall into this category

lexiemum Mon 04-Dec-06 16:02:51

right then - dh won't let me thro his old ones even though he's wearing the new ones. here's my chance...

FiveGoldenFIMBOs Mon 04-Dec-06 16:08:02

It seems to be the officey, stiletto type that are fetching the most dosh. Hmm don't really have anything suitable.

Gillian76 Mon 04-Dec-06 16:09:08

Can I do children's shoes?

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gillian76 Mon 04-Dec-06 17:58:23


Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 20:46:32

ok.... i have just taken my pictures. i am going to draw up my advert now.
i found a nice pair of battered old flat flower pumps i wore to work.
wish me luck!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Mon 04-Dec-06 20:47:20

Ive got an old pair of DM's do you think they will do?

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 20:53:21

i have to share this.... was just looking to check what category to use and OMFG!!! This girl must be ROLF!!!!!!!


LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 20:54:22

i can never get ebay links to work.
it s a pair of red or dead boots, absolutely worn to death and they have 40 mins left to run with bids up to £102!!!!!!!!!!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Mon 04-Dec-06 20:57:33

these ones?

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Mon 04-Dec-06 20:58:10

Search the charity shops i say! Might make a fortune!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 21:01:05

yes those! aren't you ed!!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Mon 04-Dec-06 21:02:36

I'm very [fshocked].

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