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selling childrens clothes on ebay, best to do outfits or lots?

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notreallyhereDee Sun 03-Dec-06 19:07:33

i have seen some lots go for a heck of a lot. most of the stuff will be Next, but some of it is 6yrs old but in great condition.

wont be doing this till february, waiting for xmas and the sales to get out the way, but there is tons of clothes to be sorted, some of it to be returned to sisters who have leant stuff.

lexiemum Sun 03-Dec-06 22:12:36

do lots where majority is names and chuck in the other stuff too. does even better if its the last season stuff - use next 2005 / 2006 in title for better results

personally think that you'll probably do better with lots though party dresses, special occasion stuff might do better seperately.

just a thought - last year saw loads of people chancing their luck with BNWT NExt stuff obviously bought in the sales trying to make a profit so might be a bit weary of doing next lots so soon after sales.

pedilia Sun 03-Dec-06 22:18:51

I only ever buy lots on Ebay, so I would suggest that is what you do

blueamema Mon 04-Dec-06 22:45:58

Totally agree, sort it out into ages i.e 12-18/18-24 mths etc... and put it on as 'lots'.

this will also be less hassle for you, as posting individual items will be very tedious!!

P.S. You should have done it before xmas to get a bit more festive spending money!!

LunarSeasonsGreetings Tue 05-Dec-06 09:28:14

Bundles definately. And if you put in one or two headline items (name brands) in each lot it helps. Lots of people will have searches set up for, e.g. Boden, Gap, Timberland and you only need one item in your bundle to get them to look at the whole lot.

Also find things sell better if you put a photo of each outfit, rather than just of a pile of clothes. (If you've got webspace somewhere you can just link to your own pics - you don't have to pay ebay per picture).

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