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Not sure about condition of eBay item

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TiredMummy2015 Fri 09-Oct-15 22:02:39

I bid on and win a brand new pram. It's arrived today and has quite a few scratches on. The box it came in was fairly damaged but I'm not sure the marks and scratches were caused in transit.

What are my rights if I don't want to keep it? I got it cheaper than retail but not cheap enough to be happy about the scratches.

TiredMummy2015 Fri 09-Oct-15 22:24:43

Bumping... On further inspection this has clearly been used at least a couple of times. There's chocolate on it!!

19lottie82 Fri 09-Oct-15 22:28:54

if it was described as brand new, then definitely message the seller and say you want to return it for a full refund and for them to cover the return postage costs, as the item has been mis described. if they dont play ball open a case.

19lottie82 Fri 09-Oct-15 22:29:38

include photos of the scratches and chocolate

TiredMummy2015 Fri 09-Oct-15 22:32:15

The chocolate isn't showing up but the scratches are.

nauticant Sat 10-Oct-15 07:52:31

Then you've got enough to open a case.

Do as 19lottie82 says. You're almost certain to win in a case. There's a possible downside of you needing to pay the cost of returning the item but you won't know till you try.

Reallybadday Sat 10-Oct-15 07:58:06

Can I just add to only communicate with the seller through eBay messaging? Don't agree to anything else as you may need that paper trail if it goes to a dispute.
I speak from experience of a seller emailing me outwith eBay, then claiming it wasn't them and they didn't admit to having not sent my item hmm

TiredMummy2015 Sat 10-Oct-15 08:07:33

They have already been calling and texting me... How did they get my number!? I didn't realise eBay handed this out.

They want me to claim insurance from the courier but it's obviously not in transit damage.

TiredMummy2015 Sat 10-Oct-15 08:09:08

They already charged me for 2 day delivery but Sent it by a cheaper courier that's taken 2 weeks to arrive. I calculated they charged at least double but likely three times the actual courier cost!

Daffodilliesandaisies Sat 10-Oct-15 08:19:06

You need to open an item not as described case.

Anastasie Sat 10-Oct-15 08:31:57

Ignore all calls and texts.

Keep everything through ebay messages. They are scammers.

They know they have used it. They know they will lose a paypal case.

Utter cocks.

Open a dispute, communicate only through that. Be factual and calm. You will be asked by paypal to return it which you MUST do with online delivery confirmation (so use a courier like Parcelforce). It shouldn't cost an awful lot to send, depending on how large it is of course but something light will be quite inexpensive. And you can choose a 2-5 day service to save on costs as long as it is still tracked.

Once it is confirmed as delivered (or attempted delivery) by paypal, you will be given a refund.

Do not worry about photos. Paypal rarely request them and usually believe the buyer.

Be prepared for threats and all sorts from these people, and take no notice or if it gets beyond a joke, contact the police. But normally they fuck off once you've got our refund.

Anastasie Sat 10-Oct-15 08:33:05

If you need help sorting out a courier and packaging and so on then we will all try to help. It's not as hard as it sounds.

Anastasie Sat 10-Oct-15 08:34:52

Oh and btw ebay will give out contact information but they will usually send this to both parties and you'll get an email about it.

No idea how else they will have got it unless you give it in any of your own listings?

19lottie82 Sat 10-Oct-15 08:48:59

It's the sellers responsibility to claim via the couriers insurance. The couriers contract is with them, not you. Even if you tried to claim they wouldn't process it.

Send the buyer one Text message and say you will only communicate via eBay messaging and after that don't reply to any messages, in fact, block their number.

If you haven't already? Open a case. I'm always for giving the seller a chance to resolve the situation but it doesn't sound like you're going to get anywhere with this one.

Push for eBay to provide a post paid label. If the case goes in your favour but they don't offer one, PHONE them up and demand one.

Anastasie Sat 10-Oct-15 08:50:29

Can you do that now Lottie? Is it a recent thing? That's marvellous. Return postage can be really ££ in certain instances.

19lottie82 Sat 10-Oct-15 08:50:33

PS you can submit a request for a users contact details, if you've completed a transaction with them. You should have received an email from eBay tho, saying that they've passed on your details.

19lottie82 Sat 10-Oct-15 08:52:35

Yes, for sure you can. It been on the go for the last 18 months. The only slight problem may be because your item is large, but if you call eBay they should be able to help you. Wait until you have opened a case and it's been awarded in your favour tho.

Anastasie Sat 10-Oct-15 08:53:49

Lottie you are amazing at this. Thanks for the tips.

summerwinterton Sat 10-Oct-15 10:59:29

they are talking rubbish about you claiming from the courier. If it had happened in transit they would be claiming as they have the contract with them. But this is not the case, they clearly lied.

Just open the case and let eBay guide you in what to do. And I hope you neg and leave low stars too.

19lottie82 Sat 10-Oct-15 11:10:56

Thanks OP grin if you need any help with your case just post back I usually check the page a couple of times a day.

TiredMummy2015 Sat 10-Oct-15 12:45:38

Thanks everyone. I've taken pics of the scratches. How do I upload to here to get your opinions? Seller still maintains it hasn't even been sat in.

What I don't get is why they took it out of packaging and put it all together just for the photos. They say two identical ones were delivered and they were selling the duplicate. Wouldn't you photograph your own brand new one and leave the other packaged up?

19lottie82 Sat 10-Oct-15 12:54:20

have you actually opened a case yet or are you still just messaging the seller through eBay? If the latter it's obvious they're not going to play ball so open a case ASAP. When you send a message or open a case there will be an option (at the bottom of the text box?) to upload a photo.

TiredMummy2015 Sat 10-Oct-15 13:00:01

Haven't done anything bar send an initial email to say it has scratches. I need to go.on my laptop to open a case as it won't work from my mobile.

Seller has contacted me twice but I've been out so not responded yet. I haven't told them I want to send it back. I can tell they won't be happy.

TiredMummy2015 Sat 10-Oct-15 13:00:38

How do I upload pics to mumsnet to show you the scratches?

19lottie82 Sat 10-Oct-15 13:16:33

Little circle below the box you type in to post, with the paper clip in it.

It doesn't matter if the seller isn't happy., they shouldn't have passed off a used buggy as new.

When you open a case just stick to the facts and keep it simple.

IE buggy listed as new but arrived with scratched (please see attached photos) and also has chocolate marks on it, so it is clear that it is used, not new.

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