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impatient ebayers

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misdee Wed 29-Nov-06 18:32:31

i had some stuff listed wheich finsihed saturday morning. I DO NOT post on saturdays as the local PO shuts early i am not spending my precious 3 hours on a saturday queing up in town PO.

So i parcelled up the stuff and sent it all yesterday. I just had a emaile from an buyer/ 'where is my stuff, i paid for it 5 days ago'.

its not like i can post on sunday is it?

HeavenisInherwinterunderwear Wed 29-Nov-06 18:36:31

Some people are just a pain. Do you say in your listing that you don't post weekends. Some people need to be told everything.

flack Wed 29-Nov-06 18:37:37

If you don't promise otherwise you have 30 days to deliver; their problem if they don't like that. Might be worth making a note in the future on your auctions, though, say posting within 7 business days or something like that, then they really have no grounds to complain.

saltire Wed 29-Nov-06 18:39:03

I sold something once which finished about 4pm on a saturday. I had an email from him on the Monday morning saying where was his item! I pointed out that the PO closed at lunchtime on a saturday and was closed all day Sunday!
Some people are so impatient

misdee Wed 29-Nov-06 18:39:35

i will do in future add a post saying posted within 7 WORKING days.

i mean any normal person wouldnt want to spend saturday afternoon in an PO this close to xmas would they?

xena Wed 29-Nov-06 18:41:45

I'm getting abit impatient a guy who DH bought something off didn't take paypal- He cashed our cheque 10 days ago and we still haven't got it.

Rowlers Wed 29-Nov-06 18:48:46

I don't sell, just buy.
I do get nervous though about ebay and am grateful for an email from the seller to tell me when the item will be delivered.
Puts your mind at rest.
I may well send an email as well if I don't hear anything simply asking when it will be sent.
I think that's fair enough really.
I suspect people just want some contact and reassurance - buying on the internet is a strange experience as it is "virtual" until you receive something.

misdee Wed 29-Nov-06 18:49:42

i sent an you item has been sent message though, i always do.

misdee Wed 29-Nov-06 18:50:05

xena that would annoy me too.

megandsoph Wed 29-Nov-06 18:55:19

misdee, You know when your listing, just near the bit where it says about you offering insurance, if you click on the little ? the handling time think comes on where you can chose to put in a handling time.

So sorry if thats sounds a bit gobbldey gook

misdee Wed 29-Nov-06 18:58:45

yes, i know what you mean.

chocolatedot Thu 30-Nov-06 11:09:34

I'm amazed at this - I buy a lot on ebay but never sell. Often it has taken 2 weeks for stuff to arrive, sometimes 3. I wouldn't dream of sending an email until at least a week had passed.

BexieID Thu 30-Nov-06 14:11:50

I always give sellers 2 weeks to send stuff but the last time I did that with a phone case, the seller started to get bad feedback. I got my money back in the end from Paypal.

I used to work full-time and would post on my day off. Now I work in the evenings/sat mornings and actually live above a Co-Op with a PO! But even then, I usually wait till i'm actually going out somewhere as it'd mean me taking Bubba Tom out!

DizzyBint Thu 30-Nov-06 14:16:55

the thing is though, a lot of sellers do post the very next day, so it shows up the sellers that take longer. i buy a lot of baby clothes off ebay in batches. i bought loads last week and have all but one item. it's been 9 days now so i've emailed the seller. it looks worse because i've received everything else.

3sEnough Sun 03-Dec-06 08:24:08

Hi - I sell and buy lots - as a seller I say how many working days I post within (if sold on Sat, I post on Monday) and I tell them as soon as I've posted the item and even include the time posted at - it can make a big difference with the post office. At this time of year, last year, first class could take up to 7 wd's so it helps to keep in touch a bit more. As a buyer I would never dream of asking ref: posted item after 4 days including a weekend!! Having said that -some buyers never go to the post office and probably think they're open at the weekends/Sundays.

DoesntChristmasDragOn Sun 03-Dec-06 09:51:17

You can print your own postage from the Royal Mail website for no extra charge. Then all you need to do is drop the parcel off at the PO.

santasaltire Tue 19-Dec-06 08:18:01

Just had an email today from someone who bought a book from me on the 2nd December.I didn't get the cheque until Saturday the 9th. I posted it to the bank on the Monday , so it obviously didn't clear until yesterday. He's sent me three emails asking where his book is!.
Why? It cearly says on all my listings that i won't post until cheques have cleared

ClementClarkeMoore Tue 19-Dec-06 08:29:30

Do you let them know what you're doing. I always mail my buyers and say 'sorry didn't manage to get to the PO today will definitely post tomorrow' or whatever. I also mail them when I have posted as well as marking as despatched.

I've never had any problems.

ditzyangeluk Wed 03-Jan-07 07:25:57

Bugs me when people expect you to run & post the minute they pay (even if it is 2am on a Sunday morning, with bank holiday Monday ... it should still be there by Tuesday , right?!?! NOT!)
I don't mind a general enquiry so they have an idea but I don't need to know WHEN they paid & what for ... I already have this information, thank you!!
Ditto, I think a couple of weeks is a reasonable amount of time when you have bought something before enquiring. After all, it may actually have got lost in the post & the sender wouldn't be aware of it.
Also, as a SELLER on ebay, I KNOW what the Post Office is like! Recently an item from Australia got here BEFORE one sent from the in-laws in Liverpool!!
I think the "print your own postage from the Royal Mail website" is brilliant. But it's not too good if you don't know how much it weighs.
Ebay, a continuous source of moans & groans eh?!?! And that is without the joys of Paypal ... & the extortionate fees of both!!

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