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What are the dangers re sellers with low feedback?

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rollonthesummer Mon 07-Sep-15 15:54:47

I have seen a phone I'd like on Ebay for sale from a seller who has 100% feedback but only a rating of 23. Only been a member since June 2015 and all the feedback left is as a buyer rather than a seller.

If I bid and win, might there be an issue? I've only ever bough 'expensive' things from sellers with loads of feedback before. Could I get stung? Could they take my money and not send the phone/send a broken one? How much protection would Ebay/Paypal give me?

19lottie82 Mon 07-Sep-15 16:15:25

I wouldn't worry. The seller has 100% feedback. PayPal will cover you in the event of any scamming attempts. And TBH most "scams" are aimed at sellers, not buyers.

yeOldeTrout Mon 07-Sep-15 16:15:38

Tonnes of protection for buyers, you might need to ask questions to thru the procedure to get money back but it's pretty straight forward, as long as you open a case within a reasonable time frame (up to 6 months now!).

Quite risky for sellers, though.

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