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Please help me find some childrens bedroom furntiture

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RedTartanLass Sun 26-Nov-06 14:11:43

I was looking on ebay and found some great kids bedroom furniture, but my battery went dead and I lost a great find. I've searched everywhere and it must have been sold.

I'm desperate to find it and wonder if anyone recognises it. It was a bedroom set of wardrobe, bed and chest of drawers. Made in wood but it was shaped like sort of monster/cartoon characters. With big wooden feet for the legs and the head on the top. They said it was approx £3000 when new, but I've googled everywhere and can't find a similar set.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

charliecat Sun 26-Nov-06 14:33:22

No idea what your talking abotu but can you rmeber any of the word in the title of the auction?

RedTartanLass Sun 26-Nov-06 14:40:46

charlie cat it was a Best Offer aution, and I've searched every single Best Offer item in bedroom furniture, but can't find it. Assume it must have gone, it was sooooooooo lovely!! So trying to find a website that sells it new, in the hope that it wasn't really £3000 new! I've searched everywhere but can't find it, am hoping that it rings a bell with someone here.

charliecat Sun 26-Nov-06 15:13:10

still looking for you. This is NOT it but is nice

charliecat Sun 26-Nov-06 15:14:19

what words are you searching?

charliecat Sun 26-Nov-06 15:15:59

or girls stuff

charliecat Sun 26-Nov-06 15:16:31


ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Sun 26-Nov-06 15:16:32

Have you looked in completed listing? If it ended it would be there and we could see the picture then.

JackieNo Sun 26-Nov-06 15:26:06

The Silentnight beds have 'heads' and feet, but I don't think there's matching furniture.

RedTartanLass Sun 26-Nov-06 19:18:53

charliecat - thanks for those links, really really appreciate it. I liked (but not loved the first one you posted, but the other 2 are no good as it's for brother and sister sharing.

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus - brillaint idea, didn't know you could search on completed listing. how do you do that?

Jackieno - that links good as well, but I want matching furniture.

<RTL stomps foot in a very spoilt brat kinnda way!>

misdee Sun 26-Nov-06 19:19:56

down the side of the listings (say search for childrens furniture) tick the box that says completed listings.

RedTartanLass Sun 26-Nov-06 19:29:33

Brilliant Misdee, am looking and looking....I must be going mad. I can't find it!!! I'm sure I searched on Child or Children wardrobe and it came us as A Best Offer.

I'm sure I didn't dream it!!

FireFaerie Sun 26-Nov-06 19:33:28

<<bump for you, whilst i trot through ebay's sold list for you, hoping i find it>>

charliecat Sun 26-Nov-06 19:33:37


charliecat Sun 26-Nov-06 19:34:19

Aha! i think thats it and he didnt sell it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Email him!

misdee Sun 26-Nov-06 19:34:39


misdee Sun 26-Nov-06 19:35:06

lol same one!

FireFaerie Sun 26-Nov-06 19:35:16

Was it today that you saw it? (just trying to get a better idea of how far back i need to look)

RedTartanLass Sun 26-Nov-06 19:39:04

Woo hoo woo hoo...You are amazing

This is one....what do you think of it?

RedTartanLass Sun 26-Nov-06 19:39:42

sorry meant to say

that is the one

charliecat Sun 26-Nov-06 19:40:14

Hmm like it but it could scare some little souls

FireFaerie Sun 26-Nov-06 19:41:07

Aha, looks like it was found! Smiles all round then

RedTartanLass Sun 26-Nov-06 19:43:59

Oh no...dh has just told me if I don't get off the computer my dinner's in the cat

If I email him and make him an offer, will I still be comvered by ebay?

charliecat Sun 26-Nov-06 19:45:22

No you wont be covered. But he can...somehow make it a buy it now auction for you only. And hes listed it TWICE and its unsold twice so ask him what his best offer is ok...

RedTartanLass Fri 08-Dec-06 10:49:06

Hey bought the furniture, made them an offer which they accepted!!! Much less than half!!

Think they just wnat rid of it now, it's so big it's stored in their conservatory!! Poor dh is driving down to London on his birthday, to collect it.

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