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Buyers saying item not as described after two weeks (pushchair/damage)

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SpottyTeacakes Mon 10-Aug-15 06:51:54

I'm posting this for a friend.

She sold her old pushchair on eBay and the buyer paid cash on collection.

In the description there were photos and any minor damage was mentioned, she had taken it apart and cleaned it.

Two weeks later buyer has emailed saying they took it apart and there was more damage than described and they want to bring it back for a refund.

She hasn't replied yet, they haven't specified damage or sent photos.

How's best to proceed?

I'm worried they're trying to pull a fast one on my lovely friend, but I could just be suspicious wink

SpottyTeacakes Mon 10-Aug-15 07:34:46

From what I've read if they paid by cash then she doesn't have to refund?

chickenfuckingpox Mon 10-Aug-15 07:41:33

from what i can tell they cant get there money back via ebay they will be told to take it to small claims court

tell them to send photos specifying damage she doesn't have to refund if they have damaged the item further

if they have had the item two weeks chances are they used it and want you to refund as they dont need it anymore

SpottyTeacakes Mon 10-Aug-15 08:06:28

Thanks I'll advise her to get some photos from them and take it from there. She can compare them to the ones she already has.

anonymousforever Mon 10-Aug-15 08:10:49

As far as I know, if your friend stated 'sold as seen' in listing and they saw it before handing cash over with no refund offered for change of mind, she doesn't need to refund. Equally, not nice to have an eBay conflict.

SpottyTeacakes Mon 10-Aug-15 09:28:06

They're saying it's one of the arms on the hood of the car seat and will get some photos. I think it's odd they didn't specify this in the original message.

butterflygirl15 Mon 10-Aug-15 10:13:08

eBay won't step in as it was cash. Her only worry here is neg feedback really.

I would say after 2 weeks the buyer may have caused damage themselves and now want their money back.

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