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Ebay nightmare - any advice?

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ssss123 Thu 06-Aug-15 22:29:18

I recently joined ebay to sell a few baby items.

One of the first items I listed was a hospital grade electric breast pump which I'd used for a short while and no longer needed. Its a pump that can be plugged in at the mains or used cordlessly via a battery. I'd always used the pump plugged as I'd never needed to use it cordlessly.

I sold the item as fully functioning and stupidly never checked that the cordless element worked (as I'd never needed to use it). The buyer has came back to say the cordless element does not work. I googled the issue and it turns out its a common problem normally resolved by charging the pump for 24 hours. I asked the buyer to do this to see if it resolved the issue and to let me know the outcome.

The buyer never responded to me but has left negative feedback saying the main functionality of the item is not working. Upon seeing the feedback I contacted the buyer to apologise for the oversight on my part in not checking the functionality and to (i) offer a significant reduction is price to reflect the missing functionality or (ii) full refund including the cost of sending the item back to me.

I've not heard back from the buyer. Is there anything else I need to do. Can I request the item is sent back to me? I'm confused as to why if the buyer left such negative feedback that she is not taking me up on the offer of a full refund.

butterflygirl15 Thu 06-Aug-15 22:32:20

leave a calm response to the feedback stating you offered a full refund on return. There is nothing else you can do unless she sends it back.

Griphook Thu 06-Aug-15 22:37:31

People wants something for nothing and people like to moan.

If this is 1st thing you sold/feedback for just open a new account

ssss123 Thu 06-Aug-15 22:42:21

thank you both. I shall do as butterflygirl recommended.

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