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Any tips for buying childrens clothes on ebay?

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GinInAJamJar Wed 05-Aug-15 11:27:09

Just that really.

I used to get some great bundles of clothes from ebay but recently have been winning bids on bundles that looked great in the photos but on receiving them the items are small from multiple washes and actually so worn that I've just ended up putting them into the material recycling as I wouldn't expect a charity shop to want them.

Anyone got any tips on how to spot 'good' vs 'bad' or alternate places to buy bundles of second hand clothes?

I feel particularly peeved as when I do occasionally sell childrens clothes on ebay (items that we've got new rather than second hand things) I've tended to list them as 'for nursery' as I didn't want people complaining they looked old, when actually compared to what I've been buying which has been described as 'good used' they are virtually immaculate!

Lappy214 Wed 05-Aug-15 17:51:29

It's a pain isn't it. My bugbear is fraying hems not mentioned in the description (photo's taken without the trouser hems in the picture !) and tired/stretched waistband elastic.

Kids shoes with all sorts of dross stuck in the Velcro annoy me too. Takes seconds to comb it out with a fine tooth comb and velcro fastenings look/work much better after they've been cleaned this way.

I now ask seller specific question(s) about the condition if I can't see enough in the photo's to ascertain the quality of a used item.

I also don't list saggy/baggy/stretched/fraying/faded/matted/shrunk/stained/wash bobbled/dirty items. They go in the fabric recycling pile.

I used to leave appropriate feedback (am a lot more cautious with what I buy now so no longer an issue) and the sellers really don't like it but honestly, a child's school coat I bought looked like it had been dumped on the grass at the park and used a goal post marker. The front was reasonably clean but the back was filthy and took a good soaking and two washes before it was presentable. Leave negative feedback,it's the only way to warn other people of the quality of used clothing a seller is likely to sell to others.

Sizzlesthedog Wed 05-Aug-15 17:55:57

If you are looking to buy second hand clothes. Try your local NCT nearly new sale. The Autumn/Winter ones will be starting soon. Usually there is one locally. Google your local branch and email to find out the dates of their sales. Or find their FB page and message them.

You can buy good quality clothes for a few quid and you don't have to pay the p&p ebay rates!

GinInAJamJar Thu 06-Aug-15 14:14:37

Lappy thats a good tip, think I'm going to head down the asking direct questions route and have just left my first 'appropriate' feedback... I didn't feel I could go so far as to be negative as overall I was happy with the bundle as no-one else had bid on it so it was fairly cheap, but around a third of the items in it had stains on them (which weren't mentioned in the description and haven't come out in the wash) and at the price I paid I don't mind just recycling them but had I won the bid at the maximum I'd put in I'd have been really pissed off mildly dissatisfied.

Sizzlesthedog I have been to NCT nearly new sales in the past but have never found them very good for older than around a year, and my elbows just aren't sharp enough... I remember going to one with my 2 week old pfb tied to me (oh the naivety) and him being fair pummeled by other mums trying to get to things. Was quite put out by it at the time probably wouldn't have even noticed if it had happened with second child

Sizzlesthedog Fri 07-Aug-15 15:55:58

Our local NCT sales are for up to 11 years.

It's a gold standard sale so it is well run. All ages/gender on marked put tables. Yes it is a scrum, but worth it.
I was so fed up with disappointing ebay buys I have found NCT easier.

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