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All e-bayers please read!

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Marne Thu 23-Nov-06 10:14:13

Please check your e-bay, somebody hijacked my e-bay, my e-mail address and my pay pal and sold new mobile phones from my account (e-bay), be careful if you are going to buy a phone on e-bay as it could be these people! they changed all my passwords so i could'nt get into my e-bay or my e-mail address, they changed my secret question and listed 20 phones on my e-bay 2 of which were bought by 2 people who have payed these people and will not recieve any phone. E-bay have sorted my account out now and made it safe, i now have to change my e-mail address and all my passwords.

mykidsmakemyday Thu 23-Nov-06 10:46:41

This is very rare, but usually happens when the victim has inadvertantly responded to a 'spoof' email, which looks as though it came from ebay. Check out ebays help pages for tips to avoid them - but the easiest way is only EVER respond to a message via your ebay 'my messages' section, or at the very least, check you've received it in your messages section before replying.

Ebay and Paypal will NEVER ask for your password or other details in an email.

take care

Marne Thu 23-Nov-06 15:12:25

These people have now hacked back into my accounts and have listed more phones, they have now sold 3 in total (over £500's worth), e-bay have now closed my account for a few days so they cant get in and now i have to change my e-mail address and paypal details. I can't remember giving any of my details to anyone, apparently some one hacked in and they were in there when i changed my details and got hold of my new details.
Im more worried about the poor people who are buying the phones and getting nothing, i hope e-bay have managed to stop it before they payed.

Thecharmed1 Thu 23-Nov-06 15:28:52

I cant believe the cheek of some people, really pisses me off

moljam Thu 23-Nov-06 15:31:43

ive had 4 spoof emails in last week,i stupidly responded to one,not knowing any better!ebay says all ok,after contacting me and warning me i shouldnt have replied! but i keep getting them.

Skribble Thu 23-Nov-06 15:40:29

I don't reply to any e.mails if it is genuine the same info will be in Messages within your Ebay account.

moljam Thu 23-Nov-06 15:46:02

mine was sent as 'questions' to something i was selling but was advertising websites.

Skribble Thu 23-Nov-06 15:57:15

I have had a few strange questions supposedly relating to items I am selling too.

blueamema Thu 23-Nov-06 21:00:54

marne... hope it all gets sorted soon, how horrid!
let us know what happens.

jambuttie Thu 23-Nov-06 23:00:50

I sold a mobile but got scammed- had "conformed" emails from ebay which turned out to be spoofs

nearlythree Thu 23-Nov-06 23:09:46

It's th edownside to ebay, isn't it? I kept on getting 'YOur Watched Items Have Been re-listed' messages about stuff I hadn't been watching but that was very like things I had. Really off-putting.

helenhismadwife Fri 24-Nov-06 15:01:32

this is a really big problem with e bay and paypal, the emails look so genuine, if you have any doubts forward them to ebay or you will get a message back very quickly if they are not real.

Also dont click on any links to e bay/paypal in e mails. Sign in from the home page less likely to get your account stolen that way.

E bay will always address you by your name and the ebay account name in emails ie helenhismadwife (bumpsnbabesuk)

I do think they should be doing more though warning people of the spoofs

Haily111 Mon 18-Dec-06 20:24:47

Are these things still active? as i use my ebay account constantly and always click on my "sold items" email (which i receive in hotmail) am worried now. But wouldnt they have already done it by now? I received an email from a chap re a mobile phone i was selling he wanted to buy it now, he was a private ebayer (i.e. couldnt see his feedback) and couldnt really write englush properly. But havent heard anything since. And can you not log back into ebay if they have hacked?? (sorry i know loads of questions!)

Haily111 Mon 18-Dec-06 20:25:35

hahaha, sorry that was supposed to say ENGLISH!

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