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End of " free" auto-relists

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Lappy214 Sun 02-Aug-15 11:39:35

Just seen that from17th Aug auto-relists will start to count as one of your 20 free listings a month ! Could e-bay get any greedier and less helpful to the small private seller ?

Grrr ! I find stuff sells best when you have lots of things listed as due to the greater variety of stuff for sale by one seller, it attracts more people in and they presumably check out what else you're selling. I used to list 20 just before the end of the month and then 20 as soon as the next month started and then re-lists were free too so I'd be able to have quite a bit of stuff on at the same time. Then I'd have a break for 2 months and do the same all over again.

I'll now have to remember to un-tick the auto-relist box just in case I have already used my 20 free lists each month as if you're selling stuff cheaply to start with, like I do, you really can't be doing with paying a listing fee.

PurpleFrog Mon 03-Aug-15 12:41:37

That's a pain! sad I hadn't seen that. I'll just go and have a look on eBay. Thanks for letting us know.

brownfang Tue 04-Aug-15 19:37:18

Um, just put everything on 30 day buy it now? Very hard to have enough items to use all the 20 items up that way.

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