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Refusing to give tracking details

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whatbecomesofsnow Fri 03-Jul-15 14:50:09

On sunday I orderd the cosatto Giggle 2 with 24 hour courier delivery.
I live on the Isle of wight so was not expecting it to turn up quite that soon but thought it would have turned up by Tuesday at the latest so 48 hours after order.
I have opened a case asking for tracking details.
The company I orderd through are refusing to provide me with the tracking details despite me asking repeatedly and are saying it will be with me by the end of the day but I dont beleive them for some reason.
Is there anything I can do?

butterflygirl15 Sat 04-Jul-15 07:05:44

leave neg and low stars and escalate the case after 8 days.

whatbecomesofsnow Sat 04-Jul-15 13:04:00

Ive managed to contact the delivery company, no thanks to the seller, who have given me a delivery date and vuage time.
This will be 8 days after it was orderd on 24 hours delivery, Ive already opened a case against them but if the item is deliverd does it mean I need to close the case?
The company are very rude and just dont care about the problems they have caused, when I spoke to their staff they said it was impossible to get a delivery day from the delivery company yet I had already spoken to them and gotten the details despite my name being totally different to DP's who is the account holder and changed the delivery address.
I got very annoyed with them the last time I spoke to them and had a polite non swearing but angry rant at them saying why am I doing your job chasing the delivery and why after the first few calls chasing you up did you not bother to call me with updates.
Im not great with ebay but is there anything else I can do?

butterflygirl15 Sat 04-Jul-15 16:28:53

yes you neg them - and if you want refuse the delivery, escalate the case and get your money back and buy elsewhere.

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