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bought an item, arranged to collect on monday, now got message from ebay saying seller's account compromised

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lighteningmcmama Sun 28-Jun-15 23:51:32

i bought something today and have arranged to collect on monday.

the seller sent me their mobile no in case of any problems on the day

then very soon after that message, i got a message from ebay saying the sellers account has been compromised and not to message any more.

so i went on ebay CS chat and they said that the listing has been removed due to breach of policy. i asked what policy and the chat went dead confused they said as ive arranged to collect i could still collect its up to me.

wwyd? i really want the item. its cash on collection so i know i wont have paypal protection anyway.

butterflygirl15 Mon 29-Jun-15 11:27:07

what is the item - is it something which is not permitted on eBay. And yes, any seller who knows what they are doing never accepts paypal for a collected item.

lighteningmcmama Mon 29-Jun-15 17:56:43

It was just a scooter!

As I had their no I phoned them and she said she was on the phone to eBay on the other line as she had seen that her account was suspended due to some third party breach which she couldn't understand. It seemed legitimate, but I've told dh to give it a thorough once over before paying

butterflygirl15 Mon 29-Jun-15 18:47:31

paypal protection for a buyer when collecting isn't much use anyway - if you need to return an item you need to prove it with online trackable delivery which can be too pricey. Just don't part with your cash when you go and collect if you find any faults.

lighteningmcmama Mon 29-Jun-15 21:01:46


I didn't want PayPal protection, I know with collection only sellers are never going to offer that.

I just wanted the scooter

Collection rearranged for Wednesday now.

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