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Possibly murky sizing issue - suit wrong size

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Yohoahoy Sun 07-Jun-15 11:34:12

Hello wise Ebay gurus. Quite spookily came on to ask advice, and see my query is very similar to another poster's, although may be a bit more of a grey area.

Again, suit bought for son's Prom. Listing says 'in a 36'. This is the size I need, so buy it on buy it now.

Suit arrives and it's a 46. Son drowning in it.

Emailed seller for a return and get quite a terse message saying didn't I look at the photos. Look again and there's a photo of the box label, clearly showing 46.

Now I didn't look at the photos. I knew it was the right suit, and it never occurred to me there would be anything suggesting listing text was wrong.

Can I still push for a return, or does the photo count and I'm stuffed?

Many thanks for any words of advice (even if it's 'suck it up' !!)

SpendSpendSpend Sun 07-Jun-15 11:36:23

Hmmm im not sure tbh as its listed as two different sizes on the same listing.

I think you could get a refund on incorrect listing

heinztomatosoup Sun 07-Jun-15 11:37:05

description definitely trumps photos. Go for the return I say.

twistletonsmythe Sun 07-Jun-15 13:38:00

yes of course you can get a refund - open a case and let eBay guide you. And seller cannot refuse a return - if she is obstructive please do neg and leave low stars.

KatharineClifton Sun 07-Jun-15 13:46:16

Yep, open a case. You cannot lose as this is this is clearly not as described. Paypal will take the money off the seller, but it might well take some time as she is obviously being un-helpful. But you'll get it in the end.

Yohoahoy Sun 07-Jun-15 14:12:14

Thank you, that's very encouraging. I will give it a go smile

robin64 Mon 08-Jun-15 12:40:36

Yes return - just message seller and ask if they would like you to do the return through a returns case or without doing this (ie you just organise the return with the seller but not open a case) It is in the sellers interest to be helpful and organise it because they will avoid a defect that way but otherwise just do an official returns request and don't forget to return item tracked. The mistake is the sellers as actual description should be correct not just photos.

Yohoahoy Tue 16-Jun-15 11:04:38

Just wanted to pop back and say thanks all - returned fine and refunded promptly smile

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