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Listing in two categories

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NorahDentressangle Fri 29-May-15 23:39:28

Can I list in a second categories once my item is on sale?

It says you can post items in two categories but doesn't say how.

twistletonsmythe Sat 30-May-15 10:50:46

no I think you need to do it when listing.

PurpleFrog Sat 30-May-15 15:11:19

Yes you can - as long as it is not less than 12 hours until the listing finishes.

Edit your listing, click on "change category", then "add second category".

NorahDentressangle Sun 31-May-15 07:14:03

Thanks for the info.
I tried what you advised PurpleFrog but I couldn't see an option for adding a second category. I have changed the category to something which might be more suitable.
It is in antiques, maybe they don't allow all items to be listed more than once.

BitOutOfPractice Sun 31-May-15 08:15:20

Norah are you trying to do it on the app?

NorahDentressangle Sun 31-May-15 09:07:54

No, on laptop and internet.

NorahDentressangle Sun 31-May-15 10:49:17

I've found it. I have to go to Advanced Listing (which it keeps advising me not to do), then put in the item title, then select their option, then click on Change on the page that that brings up and the option to select a second category is there.

PurpleFrog Sun 31-May-15 11:50:43

Ah, sorry, I always use Advanced Listing.

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