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Improving your dashboard status when buyers refuse to leave feedback.

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BangaloreStories Fri 29-May-15 20:58:17

Is there any way of circumventing this? My dashboard is currently and protecting next month too as Below Standard.

I started selling on this ID last Autumn. Within the first two months I had 3 what eBay call 'Defects', or unsatisfactory transactions.

One was a tracked courier expensive jacket that went missing whilst being unloaded at the courier depot - according to their records. It had to go through eBay resolution for the buyer to receive a refund.
The other two were very late despatch.

The missing jacket left me a neutral, the other two no feedback at all.

All 3 must have left ridiculously low DSRs.

Because of this, I've been limited to 5 listings per month since.

I've since sold the stipulated 5 items per month and they've all left good feedback - the DSRs I can't tell - but many buyers aren't leaving feedback at all. Even when I swapped to Private Listings in case they were reluctant to leave feedback as they preferred to cloak their buying activity.

After a convoluted eBay Live Chat session, it was finally explained that those defects which are black marks against me, will not be lifted from my account until a year after they were placed - unless consequent buyers all

A) Leave me good feedback and
B) Only leave exceptional DSRs

Summarily, if consequent and future buyers forget to leave feedback, or leave vague stars like 3s or 4s, then my selling status will never improve, so I'm in a complete catch 22.

I've asked for the levels to be raised but I'm not allowed.
Is there any way round this? I've been selling since 2002 on various accounts, but only ever have one selling account up and running at one time.

It's seriously making me consider swap to Amazon selling.

EBay's full of loopholes, short of shill bidding there must be a way round this.

coffeegonzo Tue 02-Jun-15 10:40:50

I agree, I think ebay is totally and absolutely for buyer's. I've had a similar problem; a buyer obviously changed their mind about a jacket I sold, or decided they didn't like it, so made up a reason to return it saying it didn't match the decription and there was something wrong with it. I had photographic proof they were lying and ebay still go in favour of the buyer.
They charge sellers huge fees and then restrict how much you can sell- it's really unfair!

The phone calls are horrendous and convoluted as you say!

I've had it with ebay

19lottie82 Tue 02-Jun-15 15:57:33

It had to go through eBay resolution for the buyer to receive a refund.
OK, that's a reasonable defect. As soon as it was obvious it was lost, you should have refunded the buyer and claimed back from the courier, rather than letting it get to the resolution centre stage. If you did this, you would have been able to have had any neutral FB removed.

Re the late dispatches, when you list something for sale on ebay there is a drop down where you have to state how long it will be before you post. As long as you dispatch within this time then the buyer can't leave you low stars for dispatch time.

Based on this, it does sound like the defects were warranted - sorry!

Back to your title "Improving your dashboard status when buyers refuse to leave feedback......... If a buyer doesn't leave feedback after 30 days, it's considered by ebay to be a "successful" transaction, in terms of your dashboard percentages, so in essence, it really doesn't matter.

To get your selling allowances up, you need to get your defect rate below 5%.

PS don't take everything live chat says as gospel, they really don't have a clue what they're talking about a lot of the time.

ragged Wed 03-Jun-15 16:08:25

How do people leave low DSRs but no f/back? That's not making sense to me.
How many things have you sold ever on this account, OP? is it being treated like a brand new account rather than a 13yr old account?

19lottie82 Wed 03-Jun-15 22:40:45

Feedback, defaults and DSRs are only valid for 12 months. So if you had 400 positive transactions over a year ago, and 20 in the last year, with 2 defects from that 20, your defect rate would be 10%, and your account would more than likely be restricted.

Petallic Sun 14-Jun-15 08:45:57

You need to sell a lot of small items to get your percentage up. Doesn't matter if they are 99p sales. Have a clear out, sell with free p&p factored into your price and dispatch quickly. If you can't get to the post office everyday, schedule your auctions to end say on Friday night and then you have the weekend to pack or if you are organised, PPP to the post office on Saturday.

Not leaving you feedback isn't s bad thing, your defect count is measured against your total number of selling transactions as the pp said.

poocatcherchampion Sun 14-Jun-15 08:49:30

Why have you had so many accounts? I've only ever had one, and can't think why I'd need more, unless I was trading as a business - but it doesn't sound like you are?

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