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How do I get buyers to leave feedback?!!

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yesbutnobut Wed 27-May-15 10:23:42

I've fairly recently started selling stuff on eBay and I'm finding probably less than half of my buyers leave feedback. That's even when they've had an almost new Monsoon top for £1.99 or similar. Is there anything I can do? I'm loathe to contact buyers to ask for feedback but should I? I always leave positive feedback for buyers - I just wait around a week to make sure they've got the item - so you'd think they'd reciprocate. Most annoying thing is that many of the buyers have got very high feedback ratings themselves and must realise that having feedback is how Ebay works.

Do I need to just forget about this? Or is there anything people can suggest?

ThedementedPenguin Wed 27-May-15 10:38:16

Don't contact them. If I get bugged for feedback then I refuse to give it.
I tend to do all my feedback in one go so usually wait a few weeks and then go through it all. That way it gives me time to use/look at what I have bought

twistletonsmythe Wed 27-May-15 12:33:47

you don't in short - it is voluntary and you badgering for it could get you a neg. It makes no odds if you leave feedback for them - if they don't want to leave it they won't. It is not an integral part of the transaction and many people never leave any. Be grateful for none as opposed to a neg or neut.

twistletonsmythe Wed 27-May-15 12:34:58

and if you are selling a new top for £1.99 you aren't starting at a high enough price, or ending at the right time of day. Try BIN with best offer instead.

And btw as a seller you can only leave pos for a buyer.

19lottie82 Wed 27-May-15 13:28:09

Almost half is about average, so I wouldn't worry about it. You're not doing anything wrong.

yesbutnobut Wed 27-May-15 15:59:54

Thanks all - I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. I'll continue to 'do as I would be done by' and leave positive feedback when I'm happy with my buyers or sellers. I agree I should be grateful for no feedback as opposed to negative or neutral!

glammanana Thu 28-May-15 08:22:01

I used to wait for my feedback and worry when it did not appear but now know that no feedback means the buyer is happy with the item "no feedback & no contact" makes for a happy sale in my book now,feedback received is a bonus for me.

yesbutnobut Thu 28-May-15 09:29:34

Thanks glammanana I'm sure this is the right approach!

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