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How should I respond to this message?

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NomiMalone Tue 26-May-15 19:32:30

I sold a dress last week. It was listed as 'Used'. The listing contained 4 photos of the dress. One was of me wearing it, one was it hanging up, all from different angles so potential buyers could see it clearly.

The buyer has just messaged to say that they are disappointed that the dress isn't the same colour as in the photos (it is) and that is has bobbling (I didn't notice any bobbling. Surely a dress listed as 'Used' is not expected to be in mint condition?).

They haven't asked for a refund or to return it. I have 100% feedback and want to keep it that way.

What should I do?

eddielizzard Tue 26-May-15 19:35:11

i guess you could offer a refund, but used means used not perfect! the 100% feedback is a killer. i don't think yabu. you could try replying and saying you're sorry she is disappointed, colour often looks different on different monitors. it does look correct on yours and you didn't see any bobbling on the dress. it is a used dress so was listed accordingly.

NomiMalone Tue 26-May-15 20:59:57

Thanks eddie

I replied saying what you and I both said but also adding that if she wanted to she could return it for a refund.

She wants to keep the item so hopefully she won't leave me negative feedback.

eddielizzard Tue 26-May-15 22:38:07

no i hope not. sounds like she just wanted to give you feedback, and if she wants to keep it that's a good sign. and you've done a good job. you deserve your feedback.

19lottie82 Tue 26-May-15 23:15:39

The way to deal with these fruitcake is to be polite, acknowledge their comments and tell them they can return the item for a full refund if they're not happy with it. 9/10 they won't bother or leave negative feedback, they just want a moan.

HOWEVER re the bobbling, when listing any item try to make sure you details any imperfections, no matter how minor, as this will hopefully avoid situations like this......

getbusyliving Tue 26-May-15 23:37:14

I gave up buying used clothes on eBay because there was such differences in what people considered acceptable condition.

Best to be VERY specific in the description. Yes it's used clothing but obviously you're buying because you intend to wear it

'Used but plenty of life left in it' makes me shudder, but at least I know to avoid like the plague

NomiMalone Tue 26-May-15 23:47:05

Thanks all.

I am always as specific as possible in my listings. I genuinely didn't see any bobbling when I was giving it my pre-listing once over (I only wore it 5-10 times max). I always state details like belts missing or a button etc or any defects. As there were no faults with the dress I believed that listing it as 'Used' was enough.

She seemed a bit waffley and odd tbh. No feedback yet so we'll see. Selling is a pain the arse sometimes.

twistletonsmythe Wed 27-May-15 09:37:48

sounds like buyers remorse and she wants to keep it but at a cheaper price

do not be bullied - return for a refund or nothing. And stop panicking over 1 neg feedback - it is not the end of the world.

PurpleFrog Wed 27-May-15 17:01:52

The colour of things depends so much on the camera the seller uses and the monitor/display that the buyer uses. You can't buy a green dress and expect it to be exactly the same shade of green as you saw on your computer monitor.

I agree with asking her to send it back for a full refund. She is probably trying it on.

robin64 Thu 28-May-15 11:26:53

It is hard isn't it? I would probably put "very mild pilling but not very noticeable" or something like that but as soon as you start listing faults it does make a difference to the price or interest but in the end best to err on side of caution to avoid any problems after sales. The colour thing is just annoying of the buyer, it is virtually impossible to get a perfect reproduction of colours between the camera and monitors. Try photos inside and out if you have time and see which looks most like and mention if necessary - I cannot get green to show correctly for some reason - it always looks more blue in my photos so I have had to mention this before in some listings.

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