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Is it worth selling on ebay?

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RattieofCatan Sun 03-May-15 20:44:36

I have a box of antiques to sell and I'm wondering if it is worth selling on ebay? I'm constantly seeing things on here about dodgy buyers and ebay/paypal taking the buyers side, leaving the seller out of pocket. Are there ways to avoid this? Is it not too bad? I haven't sold on ebay before so I'm worried that as a new seller I'll get taken for a ride.

nauticant Sun 03-May-15 22:29:01

Have you done any research to check whether the items are worth anything?

If you use ebay to sell items that aren't then you're probably wasting your time. If the items are, and you've done your research, then ebay can be fab.

GuiltyAsAGirlCanBe Mon 04-May-15 01:01:44

I, fortunately, have never had a bad experience on eBay, and I even break a few rules like sending cheaper items by untracked second class post.

My advice would be to only start auctions at the lowest price you are willing to sell at, and quote postage/courier prices honestly (use Hermes tracked) and track items that are expensive. That way you are covered and shouldn't get stung. Ime eBay gives the best chance of selling something at a decent price - as buyers actively have searched for that item and "want" it - whereas at car bots etc, you will always get chancers.

RattieofCatan Mon 04-May-15 07:11:36

nauticant They are worth something, I wouldn't bother selling them if not, as you say, it's a waste of time selling things that aren't worth much.

guilty Have you ever had an issue with Hermes tracked? I've used it three times before now and each time paid extra for a signature. Not once did the item arrive so I'm a bit wary of couriers. Is royal mail too expensive these days? I know it's pricier than couriers, but is it expected to use other people now?

Cherryapple1 Mon 04-May-15 08:09:05

you don't need to pay extra for a signature with Hermes. I always use them and have never had a problem.

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