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Item missing - misdelivered by Parcelforce

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MrsSchadenfreude Sun 19-Apr-15 22:15:09

Who told me they had misdelivered, and where to, but of course I have nothing in writing. Told the company it hadn't arrived, Parcelforce told them it had, they had a signature (not mine of course, as they had delivered to a completely different address about a mile from me). As Parcelforce confirmed they had a signature and said it had been received by me, ebay closed the case and found in the seller's favour. I have opened up a dispute, but I really don't think I am going to get anywhere, as I have been going round in circles. I have asked ebay to make sure they get a copy of the signature from Parcelforce, as then I can confirm it's not me, but have bad vibes about this, and don't think it is going to happen. Can I claim via PayPal?

I had another thread on this in AIBU, and people were very helpful, pointing out that the onus is on ebay/the company to prove it was delivered to me, not for me to go scrabbling around with Parcelforce.

I am over £100 out of pocket - so much for the ebay "guarantee"...

Cherryapple1 Mon 20-Apr-15 21:44:37

you need to ask the sender to claim for the loss and refund you. eBay won't do anything as they have a signature proving a delivery.

19lottie82 Thu 23-Apr-15 06:41:09

Cherryapple1....... The seller won't refund. The parcel is being shown as delivered and the case went in their favour. They can't claim for a loss.

Cherryapple1 Thu 23-Apr-15 07:46:31

they can now though if the tracking has changed. Otherwise the only option is taking seller to small claims, or doing a charge back with your card.

MrsSchadenfreude Wed 06-May-15 07:58:16

I've done a charge back through my credit card, and am hoping it goes through. I finally got written confirmation from Parcelforce (which neither ebay nor Paypal were interested in seeing) that they had delivered to the wrong address, and printed out all of my (one sided) correspondence with the seller, plus the tracking information from Parcelforce, which bizarrely states that the parcel was retrieved and passed to a local post office.

I hope this works. It was impossible to contact ebay to take this any further, when I spoke to them, it was like a stuck record "Parcelforce say it has been delivered to your address", and ended up with them blocking my number so that I couldn't contact them at all. Paypal wouldn't help as they just said that ebay's resolution centre were dealing with it.

I can't leave negative feedback for the seller either re the non-delivery, as ebay found in the seller's favour.

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