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BNWT, does it actually mean worn once for a party?!

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lighteningmcmama Wed 15-Apr-15 21:30:02

I've bought two tops/dresses recently bnwt, when they came they stank of perfumehmm am I just unlucky or does this happen often?

It's not worth the hassle of a return, just a bit miffed

hodgepodgepanda Wed 15-Apr-15 21:32:24

Nope should be unworn & still have tags.

Maybe they have been in wardrobe and that's why they dont smell new iyswim

lighteningmcmama Wed 15-Apr-15 21:47:28

I suppose if I was giving them benefit of doubt I could put it down to that...they had tags attached.

Cherryapple1 Wed 15-Apr-15 22:30:47

it is worth the hassle of a return. I would at least email the sellers to query.

lighteningmcmama Thu 16-Apr-15 00:10:06

What shall I say without accusing them of lying? Sorry I'm being woolly here, probably cos it's so late and I've got poorly kidssad

Also, one top I washed thinking I'll just leave the issue, but can I still dispute it? As obviously I had to remove the tags and now I also gave no proof

lighteningmcmama Thu 16-Apr-15 00:10:32

#Now I have no proof

lighteningmcmama Thu 16-Apr-15 00:27:30

Ok I was deFinitely being woolly I've emailed both sellers to see what they saysmile

lighteningmcmama Thu 16-Apr-15 13:13:47

The seller of the top I had washed offered me a refund of half the amount, and was grateful that I contacted her before leaving feedback[smile

glammanana Thu 16-Apr-15 17:36:44

I would accept her refund and leave her good feedback,it was probably done in error at least she had the politness to get straight back to you a lot of sellers just brush it under the carpet,she deserves good stars across the board imo.

maroonedwithfour Thu 16-Apr-15 17:39:28

If it had tags attatched your being very unfair. Seller probably tried on hence perfume smell.

Micah Thu 16-Apr-15 17:41:54

If they have the tags on I wouldn't think they had been worn?

Some people really go in for strong smells, perfume, air fresheners, fabric softener etc. if it's been tried on it could get a perfume smell, or even if it's been kept with other clothes.

It's eBay. It does come with risk. I'd just wash them before wear if no other problems.

Cherryapple1 Thu 16-Apr-15 17:58:03

And some sellers wear stuff, don't wash it and sell as brand new when it isn't. I am glad your seller was decent Op.

lighteningmcmama Fri 17-Apr-15 10:13:09

I have left good feedback. Apart from the description stars.

When I buy something from a shop it has never smelt of perfume. Those items are far more likely to have been tried on quickly, by a few ppl.

These two items however had a v v strong smell of perfume.

The seller of the other dress which smelled of perfume hasn't replied at all.

I was asking here because if it's normal that in reality it's what ppl do to sell on stuff worn once then at least I'm aware. But it seems not judging by the replies

Cherryapple1 Fri 17-Apr-15 10:33:47

Brand new means brand new - it doesn't mean worn once and then squirted with perfume and sent out like that. I hope you leave appropriate feedback and stars for the non replying seller.

mmmminx Fri 17-Apr-15 11:38:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

0x530x610x750x630x79 Fri 17-Apr-15 11:41:22

some peoples perfume is so strong i suspect that ANYTHING they touch gets tainted, you know the people who leave a trail behind them, like some smokers.
Maybe they are from one of those people.
Or maybe they smelt of smoke so thought a spray of perfume would cover it up smile

Cherryapple1 Fri 17-Apr-15 13:32:51

I must admit I hate anything arriving which smells of perfume, or perfume attempting to mask smoke or dog.

nauticant Fri 17-Apr-15 14:03:52

I spray it with a bit of perfume if it's been in my wardrobe so that it smells nicer and freshens it up a bit! Perhaps I shouldn't.

Probably not. I loathe the smell of perfume and some of them make me gag.

robin64 Mon 20-Apr-15 08:21:57

Some tags are attached with little safety pins and I think your dress seller has probably worn then reattached tags tbh. BNWT should not have a smell of perfume. The type of tags that are properly attached through he garment would be less easy to wear but I wouldn't put it past someone to still do this! I would be cross if BNWT smelled of anything and I am pretty forgiving & laid back with most things.

lighteningmcmama Thu 30-Apr-15 21:05:10

A little update, I filed a request for a refund, which the seller approved. So now I need to return it and hopefully get a full refund. Anyone know how I can get a postage label for this? I've read on here you can get eBay labels for returns


CaptainAnkles Thu 30-Apr-15 21:07:45

I bought a pair of kids trousers that the seller claimed had been worn once - they arrived faded, dusty and covered in loose threads. I'm so sick of people lying on eBay. It's not worth the hassle of returning them though, it'll end up costing me money to post them back. I think I need to give up trying to buy anything off it.

Lunastarfish Thu 30-Apr-15 21:15:14

Hmm, I have sold clothes with tags attached which, because they have been in my wardrobe for months (if not years) smell a little musty and as I can't wash them (which I do with all other clothes) with the tag On I have spritz it with febreze. Perhaps in hindsight that wasn't the best idea, your query OP never occurred to me but that said no one has come back to me about it. Perhaps I am being too kind to the seller, I have certainly been burned by crap sellers.

Cherryapple1 Thu 30-Apr-15 21:49:17

the case should direct you to print out a label Lightening.

Behooven Thu 30-Apr-15 21:54:25

I received a dress today the lining is covered in stains, looks like emulsion paint and one small stain on the front as well. Even though it was only £5 it's still really annoying to be fooled like that.

lighteningmcmama Fri 01-May-15 00:00:19

Thanks cherryApple

I'm also fed up by ppl exaggerating the quality of stuff on eBay. That's why I only search for bnwt or bnwot now.

I actually wouldn't have minded if they'd listed it as brand new then in the description said worn once. I've bought stuff like that, then I know what I'm getting which is basically 'as new'. What gets me is the lying. Which even though the perfume smell has now faded, has put me right off the top, hence my return request.

I was very honest with her that the smell has faded btw so she knows that what I said was true that it did smell but didn't any more.

It's a hassle to return but the whole thing just wound me up, especially that I got burnt once. And especially that she wasn't as forthcoming with a solution as the other seller at first.

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