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Possible stupid question...

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autumn5678 Fri 13-Feb-15 15:30:16

So I sold something on ebay, buyer messaged me and said it's too small so can they swap for a 14. I do have a 14 also so I said yes that's fine, please send back to arrange a 14 (they also agreed to cover postage)

They've just sent it back but now I've confused myself... If I send them an invoice for extra postage (signed for) then send them the 14, will I still be covered for any claims of loss/damage etc if the item I sent isn't specifically linked to an eBay transaction? Or should I just refund her and list the size 14?

robin64 Fri 13-Feb-15 19:26:28

Probably the watertight way is to refund then ask for a cancellation to get fees back then list the 14 for your buyer (as long as you can list for free) However don't let them open a case for the return or you will have a defect. The other way is you just swap and send the 14 when you receive the other one and buyer can pay any further postage as a separate paypal payment to your email address. I would probably only do this if the buyer seems really good and has trouble free history iyswim - you are relying on there being no further issues - the item sent second time round isn't the one on the transaction details etc

autumn5678 Fri 13-Feb-15 19:36:24

That was my line of thought too... is there anyway to refund them without having them open a case? I don't want to refund the initial postage as this is what was agreed, just want to refund the cost of the item?

robin64 Sat 14-Feb-15 11:53:04

Yes don't let them open a case. There is an option to cancel the transaction and choose the reason as buyer has changed mind (or whatever the wording is for this) the buyer then agrees the cancellation and you refund and get fees back and don't get a defect (but only do this when you have item back). Buyer will get whole amount back but you could add any agreed extra amount to the sale of the second item? If you don't refund full amount and cancel you won't get your ebay fees back. Alternatively receive item back send bigger one with your email address for them to paypal any further payment for extra postage. Is it a new item with no possible issues? This would be helpful if you go this second route.

Auburnsparkle Sat 14-Feb-15 11:56:01

just ask them to gift pay the extra money for postage. There is no need to cancel the first transaction or open any case is there. Send the replacement tracked and add that info to the item for your peace of mind.

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