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Is it possible to change the name and address on both ebay order details and also paypal?

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Dumbledoresgirl Thu 12-Feb-15 22:33:06

Something a bit odd has happened to me.

I make and sell on ebay small handmade items.

At the weekend, I received an order for a specific item. I thought I recognised the buyer's name but looking back now, I can't find any record of selling them anything previously, though I only looked through my feedback and maybe they didn't leave feedback?

Anyway, the ID was male but the buyer's name, both on the ebay order details and paypal was female. Address somewhere in the south of England.

I duly made the item, sent it to them Tuesday, by 2nd class post. They may have received item today but haven't left any feedback if they did. No problem so far.

Then tonight, same buyer ID orders another of the same item. I was amused, thought they must have liked the item I made for them at the weekend, but was also slightly bemused as I have never had a repeat order before! So I checked the buyer's name and address and ... it is a completely different name (female again) and an address in the north of England, again, both on the ebay order details and on paypal.

I understand that maybe this man is buying the items for 2 different women, but how did he change his ebay and paypal registered name and address? Is this possible? Could anything else be happening? Is there a rat to smell or can you think of a perfectly rational explanation?

Auburnsparkle Fri 13-Feb-15 10:39:44

You can add gift addresses in paypal and select at checkout so you get told where to send the item they have bought. Not fishy at all. Just send fully tracked is the best advice and add that tracking to each transaction.

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