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Seller refunded and relisted item

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Princesspond Sun 08-Feb-15 12:17:04

I won an item last week and paid straightaway. The seller then refunded my payment and said they'd noticed on packing that something was broken and they couldn't afford to have it repaired. I was a bit suspicious so I have just waited and as I thought the item has been relisted, same start price no mention of broken zip in the description.

I have reported to ebay as under performing seller (no reply from them yet). I can leave neg feedback, I have never had to do this before but they do have one recent neg feedback commenting on a nasty msg they received from seller, (which prob goes to show!)is there anything else I should do? I never received an option to cancel transaction should I have?

Auburnsparkle Sun 08-Feb-15 12:25:23

neg and low stars - just state non performing seller in your fb. And if they send a cancellation to get fees back you can refuse it if you want.

laughingmyarseoff Sun 08-Feb-15 12:26:51

It's a classic trick and against Ebays T&Cs. They wanted more for the item and so pulled this. I had someone do the same, I took screenshots, left negative feedback and contacted ebay. Looking more closely at the fb I realised this was not the first time she'd pulled this trick. Ebay froze her account.

Princesspond Sun 08-Feb-15 12:39:33

Thank you laughing and auburn good to know ebay do act sometimes. I'm a good ebayer I've sold stuff for 99p before and that's just the way it is, you pack it up and send off. This item wasn't really cheap (£30+) and someone is offering a BIN on the same item for only £5 more so it wasn't massively underpriced

glammanana Sun 08-Feb-15 15:15:35

Princess It will cost the seller more in the end as she will have no FVF back if you don't agree to cancellation request (I wouldn't agree) and she will still have to pay P&P fee's on both transactions so serve her right.I had this once when I won a coat for 99p the seller said she had forgotten she had put it on for sale and had given it to her dog to sleep on !!! beat that excuse I dare you lol.Hope you get what you want in the end from another seller. x glamma x

Princesspond Sun 08-Feb-15 19:48:18

Ha ha glamma that has to win best excuse for cancelling a sale. Thanks I am consoling myself that the seller will end up out of pocket.

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