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requesting refund after positive feedback

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autumn5678 Fri 23-Jan-15 07:46:22

I sold a coat, seller left me positive feedback six days ago saying she loves it. She's now sent me two aggressive messages saying that she wants a refund and will open a case because the item is different from her mums coat who has the same one hmm she's saying its seconds (its not) and that the lapels are uneven (yes they are, as you can clearly see in the photos... its the style of the coat)

i saw her message while i was at work and said yes fine send for refund, will send address after work. didnt really think about it as i was busy, really wish i hadnt replied. later going through ebay (literally seconds after sending her my address) i realised she had left me positive feedback SIX DAYS ago saying she loves it!

i messaged her and said ive just seen the feedback please dont send it back for a refund. after a few messages back and forth shes now opened a case.

she's 100% having me on as she obviously changed her mind or seen one cheaper elsewhere. shes saying that she didnt try on the coat until SIX days after leaving the feedback, comparing it to her mums coat which i have absolutely nothing to do with/didnt sell her/have never seen

anyway my point is that im kicking myself now because she offered to pay postage the first time, now that shes opened a 'not as described' case i can see that my only option is to pay for her return postage - is that right?

i know that ebay is going to side with her so as much as i believe shes having me on i know im going to have to refund her. if i leave the case to escalate, will ebay let her keep the coat AND get a refund?

nickstmoritz Fri 23-Jan-15 13:16:04

Be careful she sends you your coat back not a similar one! (her mum's old one!!) I would try ebay customer services and explain about receiving pos fb etc. Get some advice from them - the call back service is quite good I think.

Buyer sounds difficult and sometimes it is best to just accept the refund and get the case closed then BLOCK them. Have you got any original receipts to prove it isn't a second? The usual thing is to refund return P&P if you have made a mistake in the listing or there is a fault you didn't spot but not to refund postage for change of mind (which this sounds like) unfortunately your buyer sounds like they will just make up faults to get their own way anyway. Have a look at their fb left for others to guage if they are a serial moaner.

Good luck with it.

nickstmoritz Fri 23-Jan-15 13:22:58

btw I have had people reurn items after 2 or 3 weeks - once the item had clearly been worn and smelled of BO so sadly there are some real tw*ts out there and very little seller can do. Do NOT refund til you have the coat back and have checked it.

newyear15 Fri 23-Jan-15 14:11:16

her leaving positive feedback has absolutely no bearing on her returning it for a refund - so really there is no point speaking to eBay about that. She could argue she left pos in error or didn't see a fault until after she left the feedback which is quite possible.

She has opened a case - you either agree to it or wait until she escalates it and eBay will more than likely force you to refund. Nothing you can do.

autumn5678 Fri 23-Jan-15 20:36:10

nickstmoritz - god what is wrong with people! it does make me angry how much ebay favours the buyer, you really don't have a foot to stand on

newyear15 i've now agreed to refund.. watch this space

i messaged her and said refund will be fine please send to xxxx, shes again said she'll send it recorded delivery (which she stated originally)

i'd like her to close the case so we she can return and then i can just simply refund but am worried about asking her to incase she kicks up a fuss

alabastergirl Fri 23-Jan-15 20:45:14

No - don't ask her to close the case. And yes she needs to send tracked to prove delivery.

autumn5678 Tue 27-Jan-15 17:49:25

I've just got it back and it absolutely stinks of perfume and has obviously been worn - what can I do?

I don't see how I can resell it as I could smell the perfume coming off it before it even came out of the package!

autumn5678 Tue 27-Jan-15 21:31:00

Sorry, realise I'm talking to myself here but just so annoyed! eBay have advised me to offer partial refund, when she declines (which I know she will) to offer full refund and then ask eBay to step in once they can on 30th Jan.

The people I spoke to on online chat were pretty much in a round about way saying that buyers have so much more on their side than sellers, so unfair.

alabastergirl Tue 27-Jan-15 21:41:02

she sent it back tracked - nothing you can do. I am astounded eBay expect an unreasonable buyer to accept a partial refund! Way to guarantee a neg.

She has worn it and now wants a refund - free coat hire.

autumn5678 Tue 27-Jan-15 21:49:34

This is exactly what I tried to tell them, that she wouldn't accept it. I've offered it to her anyway just so that they can see I've followed what they recommended and I can ask eBay to help on 30th Jan. I've pretty much said to her 'will you accept a partial refund, if not i'll refund you in full'.. so stupid!

She's just replied with messages all in caps and filled with !!!!, you can just imagine her tone. I'm replying overly polite and relaxed.

So annoyed really though, after all this I don't think I'll sell on ebay anymore its completely put me off.

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