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winning bid, but can't make payment online. what to do next?

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50yearsandcounting Tue 13-Jan-15 11:59:00

Hallo all

Please help!

I occasionally buy things on ebay. Recently secured two items through auction, and need to pay both through PayPal. However, I am travelling in a country with poor internet access; and simply can't get the Paypal pay now button to click through to the actual payment page. This has been going on for 2 days.

I have tried to find a way to contact ebay, to ask them to help, but on the customer services pages, it is all FAQs without information on how to actually resolve my particular situation. I don't want to be reported for non-payment (I have 100% positive feedback, mostly for swift payment!), but am not sure how to now resolve this difficulty.

Does anybody have any advice, really need an email address for the correct contact at eBay to try to resolve? I would be happy to meet any costs the sellers may have incurred if they now have to relist.

Thank you in advance!

wobblywindows Tue 13-Jan-15 19:27:23

as it is 2 days since the auction ended, I would contact the seller(s) now and tell them what you told us in the first paragraph, and also what date you can be sure of getting good internet access to pay them.
If your location sports a tourist office, ask there where best to get internet.

newyear15 Tue 13-Jan-15 19:57:49

Try clearing your cookies and history and try again.

wobblywindows Mon 19-Jan-15 19:08:58

as a last resort, could you ask someone at home to send your seller a postal order ? except then your parcel will be delivered while you are out of the country. They won't deliver to an alternative address !

lljkk Mon 19-Jan-15 21:21:18

You could forward the invoice email to a friend who pays for your goods with their paypal; the items will be sent to your friend at their registered paypal address. This is all legit & allowed under Ebay rules.

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