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Help! My Ebay account has been hacked and I can't seem to get through to Ebay.

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moosemama Wed 07-Jan-15 13:28:53

Someone told me this morning that their Ebay account had been hacked. Went to check mine and lo and behold I can't get into it.

Asked for two password resets hours ago but none have been received. Can't chat or mail them because I can't get into my account. Called the Ebay contact number and it keeps asking me to input my phone number then not recognising that I've input it and asking again and again repeatedly, so I can't get through to anyone.

I have been using Ebay for 14 years with 100% feedback rating - my account is going to be wrecked isn't it. sad

How on earth can I contact them if I can't get through on the phone?

moosemama Wed 07-Jan-15 13:49:45

Phew - all sorted. Hung around on the phone for ages with the electronic voice insisting it didn't register my number and eventually got put through to an operator, who has reset my password ... and apparently I haven't been hacked it just wasn't recognising my password for some reason.

So huge relief, if a touch confusing, as I use my password regularly and know I was inputting it correctly. [confusing]

Apologies for the intrusion. blush

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