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seller only refunded me half the cost for item!!!

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Gatekeeper Sat 27-Dec-14 08:56:59

Ordered a hat for dh in beginning of December but it hasn't turned up. I contacted the seller and asked for refund but they state they will only refund me half what I paid and will refund me the other when they get the hat returned. Not sure how I am supposed to do this when I haven't got it confused

Will Ebay force them to refund the whole amount?

Gatekeeper Sat 27-Dec-14 09:30:23

I have opened a not received case with ebay and the seller has now called me a 'swindler' who is trying to get free goods etc etc. Can I escalate this now...not sure how as the resolution centre just keeps wanting me to reply to the sellers message and I don't want to

thank you

HappyGoLuckyGirl Sat 27-Dec-14 09:37:03

Just reply saying you didn't receive the product so you want a full refund. It's his problem as a seller to deal with. If he's having lots of his parcels not turn up then he should send tracked.

Reply then escalate.

Gatekeeper Sat 27-Dec-14 09:39:23

how do I escalate keeps bringing me back to the same page on ebay

jimmycrackcornbutidontcare Sat 27-Dec-14 09:40:10

He has to refund the money. It was his responsibility to get you the hat. He may not even have sent you one. Restate you did not receive the hat and your money needs refunded.

Twinklebells Sat 27-Dec-14 14:22:51

you need to wait 8 days to escalate it - in the meantime do neg the seller. They are wrong.

Gatekeeper Sat 27-Dec-14 16:14:48

more emails..I am now a 'cheating liar' and a 'fraudster' !!

Hollyandcake Sat 27-Dec-14 16:20:34

All I can add is the only time I have ever not received an item from eBay - the seller turned out to be fraudulent and had had a few complaints re missing items. The seller didn't refund my money but eBay refunded the full amount.

Starlightbright1 Sat 27-Dec-14 16:22:15

There is a button I think I do not want to communicate further with this seller which can escalate it. but other poster may be right you may need to wait so many days.

I am sure you can report someone for sending abusive messages too

Twinklebells Sat 27-Dec-14 18:46:52

yes you can report his messages. Have you left neg feedback and low stars yet?

19lottie82 Sun 28-Dec-14 10:28:40

When you leave negative don't just focus on it not arriving as ebay may remove this (circumstances out with sellers control) mention seller refused to refund when item didn't arrive then became aggressive and insulting

glammanana Sun 28-Dec-14 10:49:40

Gatekeeper Report this seller for the abusive messages he is sending it is against e-bay rules to do this and can get him struck off,how unprofessionable is he to do this,if he thought you where "swindler/fraudster etc why did he refund anything at all and just wait for e-bay to deal with it,I think you may find he may not have posted in the first place or it has been lost in xmas post.Just be polite and firm with any response and keep all your messages for e-bay to read.

Gatekeeper Mon 29-Dec-14 08:01:38

Thanks all, have just done the feedback and low stars thing. Just waiting for jan 3rd when I can escalate.

Gatekeeper Mon 05-Jan-15 09:34:20

hat finally turned up saturday; It was supposed to be wool lined with cotton but it is 100% polyester lined with nylon <urgh> and very badly made to boot

Seller has also replied to the feedback I left , again calling me a liar etc. Will Ebay remove this if I ask ?

newyear15 Mon 05-Jan-15 09:50:58

may do. It makes them look bad though not you.

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